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Realize the full potential of Data and AI for connected products
Data and AI

Realize the full potential of Data and AI for connected products

If organizations want to stay ahead in their industry, it is important that they view the new landscape of connectivity and data ecosystems from the perspective of innovation.

Connected data-driven services are set to increase dramatically. A 2022 report from the Capgemini Research Institute Intelligent products and services: Unlock the opportunity of a connected business found that almost 90% of organizations expect to receive revenue from intelligent services in the next three years. This is a significant jump from the 35% of organizations that currently offer intelligent services.

Data has the power to influence more efficient design, performance, sustainability, privacy, growth, and customer engagement – and ultimately deliver better results, devices, and value. However, putting data first requires a complete overhaul of frameworks and mindset.
Adding a product to an ecosystem where it can interact with live data is a game changer when it comes to product design. Data ecosystems can also change the way you test and validate a functionality using the real usage of the products day by day.

The transformation to connected products and intelligent services is a complete journey. In this paper we explore how building a connected product ecosystem combined with the power of data and artificial intelligence and others technologies – such as cloud, IoT, and blockchain – can help organizations develop new functionalities, identify new data- driven services to create the next generation of products and services that fully interact with users and environments.

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      Fabio brings over 20 years of extensive experience, blending cutting-edge technologies, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and deep domain expertise to tackle complex challenges in R&D and Engineering for diverse clients and is continuously forward-thinking.

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      Director, Insights & Data, CapgeminiOffer leader – Data & AI for Connected Products, Privacy Preserving AI
      As a next gen technology professional in cloud, AI & data engineering Knowledge graph, federated learning my focus is on innovation across industry leveraging technology. Experience in building high-performance teams and delivering high-end technology solutions using emergent technologies leveraging experience in product development, presales, and architecture.