Data and AI

Data-powered Innovation Review

Inspired by how a vast majority of technology-driven innovation seems to revolve around data, analytics, and artificial intelligence, we are happy to share the Data-powered Innovation Review, a magazine with articles crafted by Capgemini experts, together with technology partners and analysts.

They range from musings about how data is pivotal to business change, via exciting developments around Artificial Intelligence, all the way up to the merits of a data-powered organizational culture.

Let’s sail that ocean, Bon Voyage!

Data-powered Innovation Review

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With data and AI, we have the possibility – and responsibility – to serve our planet. See the ways we can make a difference to the environment around us. Immerse yourself with practical applications, such as curing the river blindness disease with AWS, bringing AI into UN’s sustainability goals, or harnessing the data-infused opportunities in reducing scope 3 emissions.