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Data-powered Innovation Review | Wave 2

Data holds the keys to unlock innovation’s potential. It’s best unleashed when it is driven from the heart of the business – and spreads across the organization.

It can change entire business models, enabling your organization to thrive on a brand-new data economy. And when it’s done at scale, it allows remarkable results to happen. Data-powered innovation really delivers when it is applied end to end, embedded in the foundation of business.

Capgemini’s innovation magazine, Data-powered Innovation Review, is now out with Wave 2, 2021. Our second edition is loaded with 21 compelling data-powered innovation stories in areas as diverse as autonomous systems, data collaboration, data mesh, AI for good, and creative systems. Each article is designed to help activate your organization’s innovation muscles.

Contributions come from key partners such as Adobe, AWS, Microsoft, NVIDIA, SAS, Teradata, and of course, from Capgemini’s own top experts. We’re confident that they have produced plenty of materials to provide you with new, fresh ideas and inspiration.

In this edition, we are covering five different themes – The Rise of Autonomous, The Rise of Data Mesh, The Rise of Data Ecosystems, The Rise of Creative AI, and The Rise of Sustainable AI. Each of these themes contains fascinating articles from a large variety of contributors globally.

Data Masters Rendezvous:
Unleashing the Power of Data Ecosystems

Past event: Thursday, October 28th, 2021 at 9:00 am EST 

Data ecosystems are emerging across industries, from financial services to automotive and public sector. They create an entire new data economy opening business opportunities for organizations.  

In this inspiring session on data ecosystems – and second in our Data Masters Rendezvous event series – Capgemini Invent’s Valérie Perhirin, Capgemini’s Anne-Laure Thieullent, and  Priyanka Jha, Manager, Value Proposition at AXA, discussed  the potential of data sharing ecosystems with Maribel Lopez, founder of Lopez Research, a market research and consulting firm.

Capgemini x Teradata on Data Mesh

Past event: Wednesday, September 29th at 12:00 pm EST 

In this joint event with Teradata, we will take a real-world approach to implement a Data Mesh.

Find out why a Data Mesh is trending for innovative companies and how your organization can:

  • Gain the inherent agility associated with Data Mesh
  • Have loosely coupled teams focusing semi-independently on their specific business areas
  • Create significant value when performing analysis at an enterprise level
  • Optimize data that becomes a key product, managed by a domain
  • Choose from multiple ways of deploying schemas within a Data Mesh

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Stephen Brobst

Ron Tolido
CTO of Global Insights & Data

Claudia Imhoff
CEO & President, Intelligent Solutions, Inc.
Founder, Boulder BI Brain Trust

Chris Twogood
Moderator, SVP of Global Marketing