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Data and AI

Data-powered Innovation Review | Wave 4

The monsoon can bring the much needed relief after the drought and heat. A summer field is at its greenest after the morning rain. In the same way, the many “drops of innovation” in this new publication will bring you refreshing, revitalizing perspectives on innovation.

New ways to (b)rainstorm innovative ideas with data and AI

Capgemini’s innovation publication, Data-powered Innovation Review – Wave IV shows you breakthrough concepts, ideas, and stories in business areas as diverse as sustainability, scarcity, and augmentation.

The publication’s 18 articles been crafted by leading Capgemini experts and in collaboration with emerging partners such as AlationCogniteToucan TocoDataRobot, and The Open Group. You’ll find many inspiring examples of it in this edition – ranging from digital twins in the industrial metaverse, “humble” AI, serendipity in user experiences, all the way up to permacomputing and the battle against data waste.

Get ready to inspire your organization, team members, and partners by downloading the publication or viewing the interactive e-book. It showcases an inspiring selection of topics with real-life examples on how to enable innovative change.

The rise of data ignition

The first chapter touches on arguably the most important aspect of becoming a Data Master: the ability to activate data for on-the-ground, real-life business purposes. 

    The rise of data augmentation

    On the second chapter, we zoom in on the many ways AI augments us in our daily lives. The topic is more relevant than ever, as scarcity of skills, expertise and experience has become a key competitive driver. 

      The rise of sustainability data

      Last but certainly not the least chapter of the edition, we bring back one of our key, recurring topics: the use of data and AI to create a better, more sustainable world.  

        Data-powered Innovation Review

        An introduction to Wave 4

        Meet our experts

        Ron Tolido

        CTO of Global Insights & Data
        Ron is an EVP, certified master architect, and Chief Technology Officer of the Insights & Data Global Business Line. In addition to Data-powered Innovation Review, he is also the lead author of Capgemini’s renowned TechnoVision on technology trend series. Based in the Netherlands, Ron is an executive lecturer at several business universities.

        Robert Engels

        CTO Insights & Data North-Central Europe

        Roosa Säntti,

        Head of Insights & Data Finland

          Expert perspectives

          Data and AI

          AI-infused innovation for automotive data

          Jean-Marie Lapeyre
          14 Jul 2022
          Data and AI

          Reinventing data for the push to net zero

          Valérie Perhirin
          2 Aug 2022

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