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Capgemini and Zendesk – making personalized customer experience a reality

Stephen Barnett
17 May 2023

Capgemini’s customer interactions solution leverages Zendesk to deliver frictionless, connected, and personalized experiences to your customers that drive enhanced engagement and loyalty.

In today’s digital age, customers have come to expect personalized and connected experiences from the brands they interact with, delivered via a range of channels.

With the increasing reliance on digital channels for customer service, putting a proper customer interaction strategy in place that provides a frictionless omnichannel experience for your customers is more important than ever.

But how can you make this a reality for your organization?

Driving personalized, connected customer experiences

At Capgemini, our Intelligent Customer Interactions solution leverages an enterprise-grade customer service and engagement platform – provided by Zendesk – that puts your customers at the heart of everything you do. This, in turn, delivers more frictionless, personalized, and connected digital experiences to your customers, increasing engagement and loyalty for your organization with minimal effort on your part.

Our solution combines decades of customer interaction design experience with Zendesk’s powerful SaaS based omnichannel ticket management and self-service tools. By combining their expertise Capgemini and Zendesk, create a next-generation digital contact center service solution that leverages AI augmentation to deliver a persona-influenced service design that integrates humans and machines.

In turn, this enables you to drive a more meaningful, emotive, and frictionless relationship with your customers through delivering:

  • A more personalized customer experience: that creates a virtuous circle of satisfied customers, helping your business grow
  • An omnichannel customer journey: that leverages digital-first customer interactions across a range of channels, including phone, email, chatbots, social media, self-service platforms, and user portals
  • An improved net promoter score (NPS): that significantly enhances your brand value and loyalty
  • Enhanced customer engagement: that helps your experienced customer contact agents drive more meaningful conversations across digital channels with your customers.

In short, enabled by Zendesk, our solution drives synergies across your upstream and downstream process value chain to ensure smoother customer interactions.

Building lasting relationships with customers

Capgemini’s and Zendesk’s partnership is built on designing and implementing software solutions that significantly improves customer relationships through personalization, while still ensuring it is flexible enough to meet any business need.

This approach helps you build lasting relationships with your customers by ensuring you put your customers’ needs at the heart of everything you do, enabling you to stay connected with them regardless of the challenges come your way.

To learn more about how Capgemini’s Intelligent Customer Interactions delivers enhanced customer experience excellence through frictionless customer interactions contact

Stephen Barnett is responsible for designing and implementing core digital customer operations technology solutions, leveraging his 20-plus years of BPO call center industry knowledge to improve our client’s customer experience.


Stephen Barnett

Zendesk Global Offer Leader, Intelligent Customer Operations, Capgemini’s Business Services