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Data and AI for Sustainability

Sustainability is being revolutionized through the integration of data, AI, and GenAI, where insights meet action to drive impactful change.

Data-driven insights inform sustainability decision-makers across their organization business domains. After running your materiality assessment and having setting up your ESG initiatives we will help you transform these insights into actionable strategies. We support the execution of your data driven sustainability strategy identifying the most valuable data use cases in your business value chain and implementing the prioritized actions fostering collaboration between Sustainability teams and Data & AI teams.

At Capgemini, we have been one of the first organization with approved SBTi trajectory and are disclosing our ESG report every year. We believe in business that serves the planet as much as its customers. Together, we can cultivate a mindset that goes beyond Business to Consumer or Business to Business – all the way from Business to Planet where Data & AI plays a pivotal role.

    Carbon sustainability data hub

    Compliance with the shift from voluntary to mandatory reporting demands trusted sustainability data.

    ESG lens

    Comprehensive, efficient, and transparent ESG reporting for financial services.

    Let’s embark on a journey from business to planet

    Discover how we are fully embracing the need to move from business commitments to sustainable results.

      What we do

      Empowering clients to confidently adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape and implement and monitor their ESG KPIs, guided by Capgemini’s strong data management and governance.

      As regulatory requirements progress towards sustainability data mastery, Capgemini’s data and AI portfolio provides expert guidance and a suite of solutions to meet mandatory compliance needs across operations.

      This includes:

      • ESG monitoring and reporting
        “The reporting requirements of regulations across the EU, US, and APAC region are pressing organizations to be in control of their ESG data. By leveraging Capgemini’s data management and governance, and ESG data discovery with generative AI, enterprises can drive fundamental changes to align with all necessary requirements. Our Sustainability Data Hub empowers organizations to master their ESG data by ensuring data audibility and lineage while reducing costs. With Capgemini’s data and AI, companies can future-proof their sustainability efforts avoiding greenwashing and stay ahead of evolving regulatory mandates.
      • Supply Chain compliance and performance
        A true net-zero position without understanding the full end-to-end lifecycle costs of your business is impossible to drive. Moreover, being able to proactively evaluate your supplier, ESG or climate risks, quantify your Scope 3 emissions; or comply with growing number of  regulations such as Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CSDD), EU Digital Product Passport (DPP) regulation, Environmental labeling under AGEC, EU Regulation on deforestation-free products, the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), or Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) will be a differentiating factor.
      • Capgemini’s data and AI expertise helps clients accurately estimate, track, report and manage these risks by:
        • Designing and implementing a supplier risk management data platform by Collaborating with ESG data providers
        • Mapping and monitoring the extended supply chain
        • Applying advanced analytics to model emissions impacts
        • Leveraging AI/machine-learning (ML) for predictive insights and optimization, fill the data gaps or automating the creation of alert and score risk

      Through specific solutions such as the Sustainability Data Hub, ESG lens and ESG data readiness, combining regulatory expertise, data-driven insights, and cutting-edge AI and GenAI capabilities, we enable clients to ensure compliance and traceability of their supply chain drive impactful transformations, and future-proof their ESG reports

      Leveraging data and AI to drive ESG initiatives towards sustainable transformation across the business value chain, from finance and procurement, supply chain, R&D and operations to marketing and sales.

      Achieving true environmental and social impact will happen with major transformation programs throughout an organization’s entire value chain and stakeholders’ ecosystem. Data and AI serve as the linchpin to deliver business value enabling organizations better manage their suppliers and products, lead their decarbonization and energy transition, accelerate their operational efficiency, and increase transparency in diversity or workplaces conditions:

      • Optimizing resource usage, reducing waste, water and energy, and ensuring ethical sourcing practices.
      • Product design and manufacturing: Analytics inform design choices, minimize environmental impact during production, and improve resource efficiency.
      • Customer engagement: Leveraging customer insights to better understand Sustainability business opportunities.
      • Leveraging GenAI in specific areas such as risk management to analyze data to predict potential climate and social risks associated with operations, enabling organizations to take proactive mitigation measures.

      Our approach goes beyond just carbon accounting and ESG reporting and disclosures. Capgemini first helps clients gain a comprehensive understanding of their current sustainability data and AI maturity level. Data and AI empowers businesses to identify hotspots, evaluate the risks, anticipate future scenarios, collaborate with partners, and implement targeted reduction strategies across their value chain.

      With this baseline established, Capgemini can then tailor solutions to meet each client’s specific needs, enabling them to master data to unlock AI and GenAI sustainability business cases, advance their sustainability goals while analyzing and minimizing their overall footprint. This holistic approach drives comprehensive transformation by embedding sustainable practices into the core of the client’s business operations and decision-making processes, ensuring lasting positive impact across all facets of the organization

      Through an unwavering commitment to sustainability, powered by data and AI, our community is driving change within our clients while transforming and upskilling themselves to ensure environmental efforts and foster a culture of diversity and inclusion across the organization.

      Sustainability is at the core of our Group priorities, and embedded in our company purpose. Data and AI are a foundation to drive change and create positive impact for the planet and people, and our community of more than 30,000 people is committed to serving the planet and fostering transformation within our clients as well as in Capgemini. As the technology is evolving incredibly fast, we are continuously upskilling to ensure it is used in a responsible and sustainable manner. Key examples of this include:

      • Capgemini’s Global Data Science Challenge: The annual hackathon where teams of data scientists and AI experts develop innovative solutions to address specific sustainability challenges, such as diagnosing neglected tropical diseases or protecting insect biodiversity. This initiative showcases Capgemini’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI to foster change and make a tangible positive impact.
      • Data and AI for Good: Sustainability at Capgemini extends beyond the environmental components to encompass serving society, diversity, and inclusion, and being a responsible partner to all stakeholders. We believe that data and AI can greatly contribute to achieving a sustainable world, since many years we contribute to accelerating the UN’s sustainable development goals.
      • Capgemini Research Institute: In this context where new technologies are constantly emerging, research content plays a crucial role in accelerating sustainability efforts by providing evidence-based insights and innovative solutions. Our Capgemini Research Institute, global think tank, publishes regularly dedicated reports on sustainability topics, fostering informed decision-making among policymakers, businesses, and the public, facilitating the adoption of sustainable practices while sharing concrete recommendations for efficient implementation.

      Client stories

      Meet our experts

      Vincent de Montalivet

      Principal, Global Co-Offer Lead, Carbon Sustainability Data Hub
      Empowering sustainability with Data & AI innovation and culture change is a way to bring value generating transformation pathway for business, planet and society

      Bala Natarajan

      VP, AI and Analytics & Sustainability CoE
      With over 28 years of experience in data analytics, data science, business process management, and financial services, with the last 19 years focused on enterprise analytics services. Bala jointly leads the Sustainability CoE, helping clients achieve Net Zero goals through data, analytics, and AI. His expertise lies in navigating the diverse data and technology landscape to implement enterprise-scale sustainability solutions.

      Aurobindo Saha

      Global AI & Data Engineering Cloud Architecture Leader, Insights & Data
      Aurobindo has 23 years of IT experience and is a Level 3 certified Chief Architect. As a global leader, Aurobindo contributes to over 15 solutions. In past he has led global innovation and technology asset building for the past 5 years, managing teams of over 2000 people and developed new tech strategies, advised on numerous high-profile client engagements and handled critical project challenges.