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Accelerate your industry

Mission-critical decisions are a matter of intelligence – not intuition. Now more than ever, organizations across industries must rely on data and AI to respond to challenges with speed, precision, and confidence.

Disruption is a defining element of every industry landscape. Unable to eliminate risk, organizations must find ways to anticipate challenges and adapt – before the business or its customers are impacted. Organizations are faced with an onslaught of new and potentially disruptive challenges – from cybersecurity to sustainability to supply chain disruptions. We help clients become data masters, infusing data, insights, and AI deep within the business, to identify and react to challenges before they impact the operations or the customer.

    AI in the public sector

    We help public sector organizations open new frontiers with artificial intelligence.

    People Data Center

    In collaboration with Unilever, we bring you a state-of-the-art consumer analytics solution to help you go to market, from day one.

      What we do

      We help organizations respond to the uncertainty of today’s rapidly changing landscape with confidence, developing and deploying trusted data-powered solutions and AI at speed and at scale.

      Our cross-functional team of data engineers, industry experts, and business transformation specialists help clients activate data at the core of the organization, redefining systems, processes, and the culture itself, to embrace an ever-evolving future.

        Power up your ESG solutions with Collaborative Data Ecosystems

        Building an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Collaborative Data Ecosystem on the Snowflake financial services data cloud.

        The data-powered insurer

        Unlocking the data premium at speed and at scale.

          Meet our experts

          Kees Jacobs

          Consumer Products & Retail Global Insights & Data Lead, Capgemini
          Kees is Capgemini’s overall Global Consumer Products and Retail sector thought leader. He has more than 25 years’ experience in this industry, with a track record in a range of strategic digital and data-related B2C and B2B initiatives at leading retailers and manufacturers. Kees is also responsible for Capgemini’s strategic relationship with The Consumer Goods Forum and a co-author of many thought leadership reports, including Reducing Consumer Food Waste in the Digital Era.

          Pierre-Adrien Hanania

          Ashvin Parmar

          Vice President, Portfolio Head, Financial Services Insights & Data

          Yannick Martel

          Telco Leader
          “The telecom industry is experiencing a new Spring, with renewed investments in Network technology and a strong awareness of the power of Data and AI. Both transformations are required and they go together – Data and AI is a strong enabler in providing quality service, higher revenue and lower costs, which are all necessary in new 5G and Fiber networks.”

          Prasad Shyam