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Carbon sustainability data hub

Compliance with the shift from voluntary to mandatory reporting demands trusted sustainability data.

However, many companies are failing to compile and take advantage of sustainability data.

Beyond mandatory reporting, there is increased pressure for more transparency. Stakeholder attitudes to greenwashing and deforestation are unforgiving, while supplier due diligence is also under the spotlight. As a common thread throughout, the cost of capital and rapidly changing consumer habits add additional pressure. The Cc-suite has pressing challenges to overcome to achieve sustainability reporting compliance. However, the challenge is a data challenge rather than a reporting challenge.

Carbon Sustainability Data Hub works by helping you be in control of your sustainability data in a single, secured, and trusted environment to accelerate your carbon footprint reporting. It will also help you create new sustainability insights across your business to enable efficiencies and increase revenues, boosting the integrity and reputation of your brand or opening new market opportunities.

Carbon sustainability data hub delivers proven benefits

  1. Trusted sustainability data – Carbon Sustainability Data Hub enables strong data governance, with data quality and ownership, and it ensures the auditability of your data through transparency, context, and lineage. Automation is a key benefit, as it accelerates data integration and processing, reducing the risk of error and supporting growth.
  2. Insights driven sustainability performance – Carbon Sustainability Data Hub streamlines and enhances your modelling capabilities, enabling you to apply a common data model and a data-as-a-product approach to facilitate data consumption and sharing. It will deliver comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities, allowing you to monitor progress and report on your performance. And it will also help you create predictive insights for informed decision-making and seamless, sustainable transformation.
  3. Transform at scale – Carbon Sustainability Data Hub empowers you to scale up, embrace agility, and gain intelligence to manage the transformation into a sustainable business model. You’ll also be able to share your data easily with internal and external stakeholders, increasing sustainability accuracy and creating new transformative business models.

Carbon sustainability data hub works by helping you be in control of your sustainability data in a single, secured, and trusted environment to accelerate your carbon footprint reporting.

Meet our experts

Martijn van Schaik

VP, Global Offer Lead, Carbon Sustainability Data Hub
Martijn is a seasoned sustainability professional with over sixteen years of experience in the ESG industry and a passion for technology, data and innovation. He helps clients accelerate along their sustainability journeys through trusted data.

Vincent de Montalivet

Principal, Global Co-Offer Lead, Carbon Sustainability Data Hub
Empowering sustainability with Data & AI innovation and culture change is a way to bring value generating transformation pathway for business, planet and society