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Intelligent supply chain operations

Transform your organization with an integrated and frictionless supply chain that delivers cognitive, touchless operations, and data-driven decision-making.

Our Intelligent Supply Chain offer transforms your supply chain from a cost center into an integrated, frictionless function that delivers competitive advantage and enhanced value across your business. This includes enhanced agility, increased scalability, improved decision-making, and greater transparency.

We partner with you to transform your supply chain into an intelligent, AI-enabled function that drives enhanced business outcomes, including up to 20% increase in working capital, up to 50% reduction in operational costs, up to 15% increase in customer satisfaction, and an increase in revenues of up to 5%.

“Adopting a digital supply chain demands a paradigm shift in organizational culture for embracing technologies, process re-engineering, and decision making.”

HFS Research

What we do

Drive frictionless planning enabled by agile and touchless processing.

Our Touchless Supply Chain Planning drives frictionless, customer-centric supply chain operations, leveraging intelligent process automation, exception-based collaboration, and AI-enabled decision-making to deliver enhanced customer experience and reduced cost.
Our solution unlocks value through providing frictionless planning, faster decision-making, optimized technology, and reduced exceptions to deliver a range of enhanced business outcomes.

This includes 5–8% improvement in on-time delivery, 2–4% increase in revenue base, 15–20% reduction in working capital, 10–15% improvement in customer satisfaction, 50–70% reduction in operational costs, and 15–25% reduction in business waste.

Unlock value across the enterprise through delivering end-to-end business integration at speed and scale to deliver sustainable, frictionless business outcomes.

Our One Operations solution drives end-to-end process integration across your demand planning, order fulfillment, and cash collections value chain to drive growth and profitability at speed and scale.

Our solution does this through delivering enhanced agility to respond quickly to new market trends and customer demands; end-to-end business integration enabled by digital and frictionless enterprise design; and increased focus on the customer experience.

This drives enhanced business outcomes, including 20% increase in order fill rate, 15% increase in forecast accuracy, 50% reduction in DSO, and 30% improvement in customer service.

Design, implement, and operate a digitally-enabled procurement operating model that capitalizes on your technology investment to drive business value.

Our Cognitive Procurement Services enables your individual buyers to control spend, while reducing your procurement and category management operating costs through a sustainable, frictionless operating model that manages the total cost of ownership of your demand and supplier pricing.

Our solution helps you adopt the right strategies to achieve the optimal balance between your spend, efficiency, and working capital savings to deliver enhanced business outcomes. This includes over 90% spend compliance, up to 50% increase in productivity, and up to 80% reduction in sourcing and procurement cycle time.

Meet our experts

Jörg Junghanns

Vice President, Head of Europe, Intelligent Supply Chain Operations
Jörg is Capgemini’s VP Europe for Intelligent Supply Chain Operations, driving transformative solutions across industries. He employs innovation and strategic thinking to empower supply chain growth, utilizing Capgemini’s Digital Services for planning, order management, procurement, and automation. With a global background, he excels in digital strategy, shared services, process design, and project management.