Changemakers are those employees, who have spent countless hours in community service and are working on social causes that they are passionate about. They are the torch bearers, who are leaving behind a legacy, that we are truly proud of. They are setting benchmarks that people are aspiring for and they are considered as role models by many. Their journeys are inspiring, heartwarming and noteworthy. All this, while also managing their day jobs and client deliveries.

Pawan Kumar Singh

Pawan has been working with Capgemini for three years as Voice and Accent soft skills trainer. He is an active WeKare volunteer. He is passionate about the CSR work because it gives him the opportunity to positively transform people’s lives; support fulfilment of people’s aspirations in the most difficult circumstances and ensures people feel happy and loved. Moreover, it allows him to build meaningful relationships. He enjoys contributing to CSR because he feels these actions make a difference in the on.


Kanan P.

Kanan’s journey started as a facilitator because he had worked as an Administrator (ICRES). For Kannan, it all started when he visited a school under the Capgemini’s Smart Class Initiative program. He noticed that the program covered around 300+ students that time, where barely anyone had good uniforms. This instance emotionally inclined him towards CSR activities and inspired him to work for the betterment for our on.


Pulkit Malhotra

Pulkit is an Electronics Engineer. He has been working with Capgemini for the last five years as an Associate Consultant and is currently working as a developer in the RSA project, FS BU. He has been associated with WeKare (ICare – erstwhile IGATE) for more than four years and has a passion for working and helping others, read on.



Joseph Wilson

Joseph believes, WeKare is a platform where he can make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged children. WeKare has provided him an on-ground exposure with a sense of ownership and opportunity to be part of the decision-making process. Also, the experience of managing different WeKare events has helped him in shaping his leadership and managerial capabilities. These skills have helped him ACE his Career at Capgemini, read on.


Nisha Taneja

Nisha Taneja is the WeKare Location Lead for Capgemini, Gandhinagar. She is currently working as a Senior Consultant-Testing in Product & Engineering Services. She has been contributing to the CSR team since 2016.  While Gandhinagar is a small center, a dynamic CSR team along with an inspiring leadership helps her to deliver and make a difference, read on.



Gowravan M

Gowravan M. is a Risk Assurance Officer, working with Capgemini for the last seven years.  Currently, he is the Team Leader, Risk and Compliance in BSv. He has been associated with WeKare for the past five years, read on.




Swati Bhole

Swati is passionate about projects which involve helping the affected people directly. Swati has been actively participating in all the CSR/WeKare drives conducted by Capgemini like Blood Donation, Carnival, Daan Utsav, Akshara, Enlight Girl Education Program, Stem Cell registration Drive, Book Collection Drive, Vaani Foundation drive, Edukare, Orphanage Visits, Teaching activities and more, read on.



Puneet Karnani

He says, “At the end of our life, nothing would be in our hands and it won’t matter what we earned. Hence, keep the most important things with you and support the people who are struggling even to get the basic needs. Keep Supporting, Keep Volunteering – come forward to Join Capgemini CSR/WeKare Events”, read on.



Sam Magesh Kumar. N

Sam was at the forefront of organizing two visits to Capgemini’s adopted schools at Salem, along with 25 volunteers. They explained the Digital Education and the Go Green concepts to the school children, conducted various fun games for them and planted trees in the school campus. All the children participated enthusiastically and left the volunteers amazed with their energy and talent, read on.



Saurabh Agarwal

Sourabh believes in thinking big, being optimistic, hard work and giving back. He feels, when we drop the ‘me’ attitude and look outside the mirror, we will see millions of people who need our help. That is why he grabs every opportunity to give something back. He says, “WeKare is a platform where people with a ‘Give-back’ attitude can join hands and contribute to society, serve the underprivileged, do better for environment and many others because, if not ‘US’, then ‘WHO’ and if not ‘NOW’, ‘WHEN’?”, read on.


Rahul More

Rahul feels that, it’s our duty to give back to the society for what we get from it. And this has inspired him to get involved with social work. For him, all social causes are important and worthy of attention, read on.




Prabhakar. N

Prabhakaran feels that though, employees come from different places, follow different religions, belong to different teams, CSR has brought them together for a common goal and created opportunities to connect with other like-minded people, read on.



Balakrishnan Perumal

Bala feels that, WeKare has given him the opportunity to interact with people from different walks of life, which has helped mould his personality and add maturity in his approach. He admits that, the experiences and learning from the WeKare journey, have also helped steer his professional growth, read on.



Ilayaraja Gunasekaran

To all of us, he has this to say, “In rural India, poor children don’t have exposure or access to quality education like the children from the cities. So, they need guidance and moral support from people like us, who have been blessed. The little time and effort that we spend towards supporting/encouraging/training them, would bring a huge impact in young minds as well as future generations”, read on.



Deepali Patwardhan

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

– Winston S. Churchill

This is a quote that Deepali Patwardhan lives by and she is passionate about contributing to social causes like child education, skill development and green environment. To know, how WeKare nurtured her dreams, read on.


Pravin Nade

Pravin believes that no contribution is big or small, because we don’t know what difference it can make to someone’s life. Everyone should make attempts to do something for the society and for the people around them, to make the world a better place.To understand how WeKare provided him the right platform to fulfill his aspirations, read on.



About WeKare:

WeKare is a registered charity, managed and run professionally by Capgemini employees. Started in 2004 in Pune, it reflects the commitment of employees to create a better world for people by carrying out social outreach programs. WeKare’s mission is to enable community driven social initiatives and make a difference to the lives of the people who are less privileged. The butterfly symbol used in the WeKare logo is a powerful metaphor for societal transformation.