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New Normal

Embracing the New Normal 

Capgemini is committed to ensuring that our people have the support and tools they need to work effectively and safely while achieving their goals, both during the ongoing pandemic environment and in the future. We are making flexible solutions and digitally-enabled workplaces the day-to-day reality for our people now and going ahead. By evolving the way we work, deliver and engage with teams and clients, we’re creating a safe and collaborative working environment while unlocking new opportunities for innovation and growth. 

We offer opportunities to work flexibly (whether in terms of time or location) and provide our managers with the training they need to engage and lead remote teams and thrive in a remote environment. 

Business Uninterrupted: #StrongerTogether with clients

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Capgemini’s highest priority was to maintain the health, safety and security of our employees, business partners and clients. We took immediate steps to enable work from home for employees, and was the first company to operationalise Work From Home. Our operations during the pandemic illustrates the company’s focus on business continuity. Capgemini was front and center in enabling all day-to-day activities, thereby ensuring that the client business was not affected in any way.

Employee Wellbeing – core to Capgemini

Mental wellbeing has always been a focus for Capgemini, now more than ever. In the New Normal, Capgemini’s top priority is to maintain the health and wellbeing of employees. The organisation encourages constant communication by our leaders with employees and teams and flag anything appearing out of routine. On the ground, we enforce high-level and constant communication between HR, managers, and their teams in order to identify any concerns and address them immediately. 

The future workplace

We are living in a new normal, in which the global COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift in how and where we work. This has put organizations, their business models, and ways of working to the test. Capgemini is working to help employees, clients, and partners to embed a digital culture within their work. Transforming culture means reshaping and embracing a holistic way of working. This approach provides the means necessary for a future-ready culture where wok continues to flow seamlessly.

Industry-leading physical and digital workspace

We have re-imagined our office spaces and virtual collaboration environments to equip our people with a state-of-the art, digitally-enabled workspace experience that makes it easy for them to collaborate virtually and face-to-face in more flexible ways. 

We see this new way of working and the flexibility that comes with it as an opportunity for our people to expand the career possibilities available to them. By removing our borders, our people can contribute to a wider variety of engagements, work in more diverse teams, and boost skills.

At Capgemini, we have developed a unique self-declaration application called ‘Namaste Capgemini’, to ensure only a pre-defined number of employees are allowed access to office premises, as per our phased approach to return to office and in line with the Government guidelines.