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Shalini Verma

I am a working professional with ten years of experience in the industry. I have been associated with Sneh Foundation for about five years now. It all began when I started visiting the Foundation once a week to spend some time with the little kids. Sharing love and happiness with these bundles of joy were the most joyous highlights of my days and weeks.

Let me briefly talk about Sneh Foundation. The Foundation is one of the few NGOs authorized by the Government of India and is audited annually. SNEH strives to dig out the deep-rooted causes of people’s problems and offer them long-lasting solutions. At Sneh, we believe that people can create heaven on earth if we all work together towards this idea leaving aside our mundane priorities. We believe that feeding people for free or distributing materialistic assets to needy people doesn’t fulfil the basic quest.

My association with Sneh Foundation became intense when COVID-19 hit. I began volunteering for Covid patients who needed a bed, O2, or an ambulance with O2.  I started taking continuous follow up with patients till the patients recovered. We were in constant touch with the distributors as well, just in case anyone needed the medicines on an urgent basis. We also probed if anyone had a financial crisis, and in that case, we volunteered to raise funds from MILAP and KETTO for them.

Regarding OTOF from Capgemini, we have not only helped them with the HSBC project but as a team, have also come up with requests for Capgemini’s various projects. People have reached to us and asked for help related to the availability of bed, bed with oxygen, hospital arrangements (ICU, ventilator support, etc.,). It felt good when we received a Vote of Thanks message from the people we helped at their critical time. We tried our best!

Apart from the Sneh foundation, I am also a part of RHA(Robin Hood Academy) where I spend time with the kids once a week for about one hour. I teach them basic general knowledge and indulge them in interesting games. When I see a smile on their faces, believe me, I feel ecstatic. This happiness is priceless.

I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Nilesh, the Group Director of HSBC Bank. He didn’t hesitate to support me when he heard about this initiative and also backed me up when managing Covid-19 requests for patients became stressful. He arranged volunteers to help me and support me in this critical situation.

Thank you, Amit, Akash, Ankur for all your support and coordination!

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