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OneTeamOneFamily (OTOF) – The ‘Largest Global Bank’ account initiative to support our teams

When the Covid19 pandemic hit the team, the initial enthusiasm to be able to work from home faded off quickly with loneliness, stress and effects of new lifestyle catching up. The impact we observed was our teams, colleagues becoming lonelier, losing touch with colleagues & friends and generally with low motivation and poor health

#OneTeamOneFamily initiative was started in 2020 as a way to keep colleagues connected to each other, mentally and physically fit during this global pandemic. #OneTeamOneFamily (OTOF) is now one of the most successful events for ‘Largest Global Bank’ account for employee engagement.

The initiatives under the OTOF umbrella touched more than 3000 colleagues from account spread across 6 geographies actively participating in these initiatives. Below are some of the Covid19 specific initiatives which were run

Physical Fitness: – A Fit mind in a fit body. With most of the team grounded indoors during the covid19 lockdowns, Fitness challenges encouraged our team(s) to take that step towards embracing workout and fitness within their home. Innovative Realtime dashboard were created which encouraged competition as well as encouragement.  Fitness challenges were supplemented with health and fitness talk by industry experts from nutrition and exercise field.

  • Fitness Challenges to encourage health within the team
    • Steps challenge (indoor daily step challenge with 6k steps as minimum target)
    • Conquer Everest (elevation / steps climbed challenge)
    • Move 100 (walk / run 100 km in 30 days)
  • Talk show covering
    • Exercise, Health and nutrition webinar by certified coach
    • Velo CG –Panel discussion on cycling as a fitness pursuit and learn the trade from experts

Mental & Emotional Health: – Loneliness, feeling of helplessness, homesick these were some of the emotions our colleagues expressed about how their state of mind due to Covid. As OTOF team, we addressed this by ensuring the team remains connected as well as motivated with initiatives like

  • Mental & Emotional health initiatives
    • Motivation quotes (Motivational quotes sent daily for a month to the team via different platforms)
    • Seminar on “Parenting during Covid times” by certified psychiatrists
    • #OneTeam–Well Being (Blog written by inhouse team covering knowledge #HealthyBytes on Meditation, mental health, nutrition etc)

Covid19 Wave2 support

              Wave 2 hit the team hard with many of our colleagues as well as their family members being impacted. As situation became more desperate, the OTOF team set up a support group #OneTeam-#COVID Support

  • #OneTeam –#COVID Support: – A support group was set up consisting of core members who worked with NGO Partners to answer distress calls by our colleagues and help in any capacity possible, be it finding hospital beds, finding medication or even finding tiffin services where needed.
  • Core lead member were identified, and their names were radiated. Leads would pick requests for help from their respective team chat groups. Help would be coordinated once the ask for help was captured in a defined format.
  • Help and support was not just in format of sharing information, but the leads would follow up till the help and support requested was available.
  • With collaboration and coordination, the team was able to arrange help, support without constraints of location and geography.

Keeping the team Motivated: – One of the tasks was to keep the team motivated and have a sense of purpose. Nurturing hobbies and talent go a long way to keep a person mentally motivated especially during difficult times like we faced during Covid19. The idea was to provide the team with an opportunity and platform to showcase their talent or share their hobby. The This was achieved by initiatives like

  • #Iamchef Contest (Recipe and cooking contest)
  • #MyCitythroughMylens (Photo Story contest to showcase photographer’s city)
  • Virtual Photo Exhibition (A Virtual photo gallery to showcase photography by our colleagues across different genre)
  • #IGotTalent (Platform to showcase talent for both associates as well as their Family members talent

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