We have set ambitious targets for our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability programme and continually review our progress. To facilitate this, we have a world class carbon management system which enables us track progress and analyse and react to risks and opportunities as they emerge.

Our Environmental Sustainability Targets:

In November 2016, Capgemini UK became the first IT consulting and services company to publish an approved Science Based Target. This places us alongside other pioneering companies that have had  carbon commitments validated by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI), as being consistent with the level of action needed to limit global temperature increases to well below the 2oC threshold in line with the consensus agreed at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) in Paris, 2015.

Our Science Based Target announced December 2016

Underpinning our science based target are a number of functional targets to help drive reduction across our key impact areas:

  • To reduce business travel  emissions by 25% by 2020 & 50% by 2030 (compared to 2014)
  • To reduce office energy consumption by 20% by 2020 & 40% by 2030 (compared to 2014)
  • To improve our data centre energy efficiency, reducing our average PUE ratio to 1.5 by 2020
  • To send less than 10% of our waste to landfill
  • To assess 100% of our suppliers using our Supplier Profile Assessment

About Science Based Targets

A partnership between CDP, WRI, WWF and the UN Global Compact, the Science Based Targets initiative works with companies to set ambitious carbon emission reduction targets, consistent with the global effort to keep temperatures well below the 2 oC threshold, a key goal of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

Businesses who commit to the SBT initiative have two years to set science-based targets, which are then closely reviewed by the initiative’s team of experts, who only approve those that meet strict criteria. The initiative was launched in 2015, with 200 businesses signing up in the first 18 months. Capgemini UK was in the first 30 companies globally to have their target formally approved.

For more information about science based targets visit http://sciencebasedtargets.org

Our Net Positive target:

We recognise that the biggest environmental impact we can have is the work we do through with across our entire eco-system –  our people, our suppliers and particularly our clients. In 2014 we joined a group of leading companies supported by the Climate Group and Forum for the Future, to push the sustainability agenda to the next level by focusing on what it means to be Net Positive.  For us, being Net Positive means to be an organisation whose positive environmental impacts are outweighing our negative ones. In line with this, in 2015 we established our Net Positive target:

Overall Performance

We have also reduced our waste to landfill by 90% since 2008

Business Travel in focus

Our TravelWell programme has had a transformative effect on the way we do business travel, cutting our travel emissions and costs, and reducing employee commuting. Our people can now communicate effectively from any location using seamlessly integrated mobile, audio and video conferencing technology.

Targeting a reduction in travel is a smart way to save money and reduce carbon – whilst also improving employee wellbeing through promoting more flexible working.

The data below shows how our new technology has been used to help reduce non-essential travel

We use the data and insights from our carbon accounting system to help our business reduce emissions and save money.

Office Energy in focus

Our energy management programme (ISO 50001 certified since 2014) has enabled us to achieve significant improvements in the energy efficiency of our offices. Since 2014 we have achieved an 11% reduction in office energy use and a 28% reduction in office energy emissions. This has been achieved through a combination of upgrades to the infrastructure of our buildings, improved energy monitoring and site level engagement.

How we achieved these reductions:


In 2015, we completed the final phase to establish Aston as a flagship for sustainable technologies.  We installed rainwater harvesting at this site – enabling us to use rainwater for flushing toilets and reducing mains costs.  We also completed the installation of solar photovoltaic panels on the roof – complementing the small solar thermal already in place


Our newly refurbished London Holborn office embraces modern, collaborative, activity-based working to the full. It also demonstrates excellence in sustainable and eco-friendly design with these factors being considered from the inception to the completion of the refurbishment.

Advances in video conferencing technology have radically changed the way businesses operate, reducing the need for time consuming and carbon intensive business travel. As part of the Holborn refurbishment, all of our meeting rooms were fitted with the technology needed to host a video conference through Skype for business.

As well as improving the technological capabilities of the Holborn office, we also updated the décor and furnishings, to deliver a more modern and contemporary office environment. When purchasing new office furniture, environmental credentials were considered alongside cost and durability to ensure the items were in-keeping with our commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, we took measures to divert any waste generated away from landfill by either, re-using in other offices, breaking down for recycling, or where possible donating to other organisation to extend the items lifecycle. For example, we partnered with Birmingham City University, donating old office furniture and IT equipment for one of their new facilities.

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