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Andy 3D Platform – remote assistance and asset revamping

Bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds with Andy3D – a digital continuity platform, integrated in your IT landscape, with on-demand customisation, integration, support, and plug and play deployment.

Andy3D – an immersive remote assistance platform

The only remote platform providing digital continuity of 3D models and being fully customisable to your IT environment. The solution enhances:

  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing, between workers in mobility – in-situ or on customers’ sites – and remote centre of excellence, such as Engineering, Maintenance and Customer services.
  • Digital-physical convergence throughout all development phases: Prototyping, Industrialisation, Validation, Launching, Inspection and Maintenance.
  • Full handling of operations both in products and infrastructures worlds.

Andy3D – an asset revamping web platform

The only platform providing real, interactive and easy-to-use 3D hybrid digital mock-up in a web browser from any device. Thanks to hybrid modelling enriched with powerful functions, this solution enhances:

  • Explorations, analyses and simulations of large assets operations: maintenance, inspection and revamping
  • Exact design measurements and clash management for life-size simulations
  • 3D visualisation in a 3D interactive environment available for all registered users
  • Remote accessibility to extensive volume of 3D data with a single web browser application
  • High performance capabilities: standalone, mobile, collaborative and interoperable.

John Ward

John has been an architect and technology evangelist for more than 20 years in Capgemini, designing and delivering solutions for clients and has been at the heart of developing Capgemini’s award-winning global architect training and certification programme. He is currently combining his experience in manufacturing with his passion for technology at the forefront of Factory 4.0.