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Parents / Advisors


We know it can be a difficult choice to weight up the pros and cons of university, apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, gap years and entry-level employment. We ourselves take on graduates in large volumes as well, they offer great value to our business as well as apprentices.

Things to consider when talking to your children/students about post-18 routes into employment or education, the two main ones being university or apprenticeships.


  • Support network – do they want to be part of large campus community or within a smaller cohort aligned to their niche apprenticeship with
  • Qualifications – do they want to achieve a degree level qualification?
  • Learning method – do they learn better through theory only or perhaps hands-on application of theory?
  • Location/Travelling – would they be more comfortable living at home nearby a local office/university, or do they want to relocate for a programme or course?
  • Finances – are they able to afford university fees and no full-time income at university or would having fees funded by an employer accompanied by a comfortable living wage, be preferable?

Below are some things we do here at Capgemini, to set your child/student up for success, over time:

Recruitment Support

To help with travelling to our Assessment Centres, we reimburse up to £150 in travel and accommodation expenses you may incur. We can’t always host the day at the office you’ll be based at but we like to make it as easy as we can, for you to attend so we can meet you.

Inducting them into the workplace

We bring 20-70 graduates and apprentices into our residential induction environment in Telford for one week, to:

  • Understand the company and it’s values
  • Develop their Personal Brand
  • Gain independence
  • Learn how to conduct themselves in the workplace and on campus.
  • Set them up for their Immersive Training period

Immersive Training

Our upfront training with our training provider partners enables them to understand the foundations of their chosen route, role and gain basic practical skills in order to add value on a client project once training is complete.

Support Network

Our programme team, training providers, project or business area managers are always there to support your child/student. Whether it’s homesickness in Week 1 induction away from home, managing time between client work and study or needing that extra support with an exam or coursework – we have the right support structure to help them succeed.

Mobile Consultant Lifestyle

Given the client-facing nature of their role, your child/students will have to work away from their base office location at time and sometimes, for week and months, project dependant. This can be a great way to travel, see different places, meet new people. It’s also a commitment which means being away from family and friends. So, our cohorts and projects teams form strong bonds and friendships, some of which have holidayed together! To support their time away from home, we cover travel, hotel and food expenses.

Create their own destiny

Because of the tech world we operate in, this means opportunities arise and the need to different skills evolve. So even during and after their programme of choice, we’ll continue to progress our talent onto greater things. Whether it’s industry specific training, certifications or accreditations or gaining managerial responsibilities – you can be sure they have the freedom to specialise or diversity their career here at Capgemini.