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Our partnership with The Prince’s Trust

The need

Bridging the gap from childhood to adulthood can be a challenging journey for many young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. According to the Office for National Statistics, around 692,000 young people in the UK (aged 16-24 years) were not in education, employment or training as of late 2021.

Our response

We believe people should not be limited in work and life by a lack of digital knowledge – and that equipping young people with improved digital skills can help them find employment or education opportunities. By partnering with The Prince’s Trust, we contribute to the charity’s mission to support young people in the UK who are unemployed or at risk of exclusion from school, by giving them the tools and confidence necessary to launch careers or to simply feel more motivated, valued and included in society.

Our partnership with The Prince’s Trust dates back over 20 years. We first collaborated in 1999 by raising funds and became an official patron in 2008. Since then, we’ve taken an increasingly hands-on approach. We support The Trust’s work by:

  • Fundraising and volunteering: The early years of our partnership were predominantly focused on fundraising and volunteering. Examples include the Palace to Palace fundraising cycle challenge, which Capgemini employees have participated in annually since 2012, and Million Makers, a challenge where employee teams pitch a business case to their employer to make £10,000 or more for The Trust. We’ve taken part in Million Makers since 2014.
  • Supporting digital skills programmes: Between 2015-19, our Digital Partnership with The Trust saw us support programmes to provide young people with a strong foundation in digital skills. This included Achieve Clubs, focused on under 16-year-olds at risk of leaving school, and Get Started With… training for over 16-year-olds that offered a week-long course focused on careers advice and digital skills development. Capgemini contributed funding and volunteers for both initiatives and helped develop the content of the first Get Started With Apps learning module.

Since 2019, we have increased our focus on employability. In 2019, we co-developed the Future Leaders programme with The Trust and FlyingStart XP. This interactive, two-day course focused on improving young people’s understanding of their ‘natural genius’ and the value they have to employers. In 2021-22, we helped develop and are funding a new pilot course called Level Up. This intensive course focuses on inspiring young people to consider technology careers. We also continue to support other initiatives such as the TEAM programme, a 12-week personal development course where Capgemini volunteers assist with aspects such as student mentoring, CV reviews and interview skills.

  • Promoting innovation: We support The Trust to use technology to deliver its mission. In 2021-22, for example, we completed a project to improve the functionality and inclusiveness of the Future Steps fundraising App. Capgemini made it possible for more people to get involved in the Future Steps 10,000-steps-per-day fundraising challenge, including wheelchair users.
  • Advocating for digital inclusion: Paul Margetts, Managing Director for Capgemini UK, sits on The Trust’s Technology Leadership Group and provides expertise on using technology for organisational efficiency. Sally Caughey, Head of Digital Inclusion for Capgemini UK, is part of The Trust’s Public Affairs Panel that connects business and government on policies to support young people.

Our impact

Capgemini has donated more than £2 million to The Prince’s Trust since 1999.[1] In 2021, our funding and 227 Capgemini volunteers directly supported 627 young people by working with The Prince’s Trust.

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[1] Estimated based on best available data.