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Client story

CONA Services supports Coca-Cola bottlers’ growth with SAP migration to Microsoft Azure

Client: Coke One Services
Region: North America
Sector: IT

CONA Services supports North American Coca-Cola bottlers, and it needed more from its cloud infrastructure and data to bring bottlers into the digital age. Migrating SAP on Microsoft Azure provided cost savings, better performance, and more possibilities for the future.

Client Challenge: Coke One Services wanted a cloud platform that was lower cost, higher speed, and provided longer term capability in order to support a real time, fast-moving consumer goods industry

Solution: In collaboration with Capgemini and Microsoft, Coke One Services executed one of the largest implementations of SAP HANA (~20 terabytes) on Azure platform. This new platform provided improved stability, performance, and speed

Increased performance
Introduction of self-service capabilities for bottlers
Flexible, agile architecture
Readily available toolset that enables greater flexibility
Greater cost value

The world consumes almost two billion beverages every day produced by the Coca-Cola Company. The company’s global network of bottling partners plays a huge role in making that happen. In 2006, the company launched the Coke One global program to better align bottlers’ data processes and to collaborate more effectively.

Coke One North America (CONA) provides each of the 12 largest Coca-Cola Company’s bottling partners with the tools they need to collaborate smoothly.

CONA Services set out to find the best cloud foundation for its existing SAP HANA applications. It chose to migrate to SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure, working closely with Capgemini, SAP, and Microsoft to complete one of the biggest migration of its kind. Please allow statistical cookies to see this Youtube embed

The CONA migration was completed in just seven months from planning to full production. The entire CONA platform now runs on Azure, making it easily accessible and scalable for bottlers and distributors.

The new CONA Azure platform handles roughly 160,000 orders a day, which represents an annual $21 billion of net sales value. The company’s bottlers use the platform to help improve operations, speak the same technical language, and thrive in the digital age of bottling.