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Hunting Profitability

Digital commerce has grown in recent years, but profits can be elusive. But now, the pressure is on, and companies are on a quest for commerce profitability.

The volume of digital commerce has grown significantly in recent years due to several reasons, notably the pandemic, growing customer digital maturity, and an increase in quality of the overall customer experience at each step of the customer journey. Yet, profitability has been a constant issue in digital commerce, which is sometimes perceived as one of the less profitable channels.

Online shopping is not discount shopping

What is the solution – how can companies ensure their digital commerce really does add to their
bottom line? Increasing profitability is about having it both ways: reducing cost of sales and improving revenue.

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Meet our experts

Rich Minns

Group Commerce CTO
“I have over 20 years of experience working within IT and Commerce. I oversee the architecture and development of large commerce, content, headless, and microservice projects – always driving value for my clients.”