NATS and CapgeminiNATS, a global leader in air traffic control and airport performance, needed to reduce business risk by transforming the way it worked. Its SAP BPS solution was reaching end of life as it was unable to keep pace with business planning and reporting requirements, and so users were relying on offline spreadsheet-based processes. Such offline processes can lead to inherent business challenges and risks.

In collaboration with NATS, Capgemini designed and developed, and now supports, an organisation-wide SAP solution on a new SAP HANA platform. NATS is believed to be the first SAP client in the UK to go live with the new BPC Embedded Model.

“The solution transforms our planning processes and reporting capabilities. It has won the support and commitment of business users as it allows them to plan and model scenarios at a granular level, improving both the quality of their plans and the business decisions they make,’’ commented Ron Baldwin, Project Sponsor at NATS.

NATS sees this solution as truly transformational and the company was a shortlisted finalist in the Business Transformation category of the prestigious SAP Quality Awards 2016. The project has successfully achieved a business transformation affecting 700+ users by embracing the support and commitment of the business.

Read the full case study (pdf) explaining how NATS has transformed its business planning, forecasting and reporting processes with a solution designed, developed and supported by Capgemini.

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