You wouldn’t be alone in the World if you were asked what Business Consulting is and you didn’t have a clue what to say. Seeing the words ‘Business Consulting’ appear on LinkedIn, Target Jobs or anywhere else you could be left with a very long list of questions. What is it all about? What skills does a business consultant need? What do they even do? The vagueness of the title is actually intentional, as each day could be different for a Business Consultant, with opportunities to work with different clients, teams, solutions and technologies, and to top it off you could be doing this all over the Country (maybe even the World if you’re lucky enough! Read A Trip to Chicago! By Jasmin Booth to learn more about these amazing opportunities.) I don’t believe that the two words ‘Business Consulting’ do enough justice in explaining what it is we actually do, but hopefully, with a few more words, I’ll be able to provide an insight into the life of a Business Consultant and the world of BTS (Business and Technology Solutions) within Capgemini.

As simply as possible, Business Consultants help their clients to improve their organisation. This is accomplished by providing expertise and insights to a client, enabling them to overcome obstacles by creating an opportunity for them to develop their Business. Growing from that is also the requirement to not just provide the solution to a problem, but to also ensure that the solution is approached, utilised, and managed correctly to achieve the desired result. Now, before you panic and ask ‘how on earth does one person do all of that?’ It is important to note that Consultancy is a job that requires team-work; working together with a group of experts and the client, to ensure you agree both the approach and the desired outcome. 

At Capgemini we employ a Collaborative Business Approach to Consultancy, ensuring that the right experts are in the right place to provide the right solution, and to make sure that this solution is then realised. Now this is where the BTS Team comes into the picture. We help to manage the transformation from where the client started to where they wish to end up. The key differentiator of BTS and other teams in Capgemini is that our work revolves around the business elements of the IT project, ensuring we maintain a people-focussed approach to work that is primarily concerned with technology. When a project begins we work with other members of Capgemini, such as SAP or Oracle, to ensure the technical solution they are providing is delivered effectively and efficiently, whilst continually supporting the client along this journey. It is this aspect of the role that I believe is crucial to a projects overall success. After all, there is no point giving somebody a brand new car if they don’t know what they want to do with it or how to start the engine! With that in mind, we work closely with the client to explain, design, identify and implement the right solutions for their business to achieve the business outcomes they need for success, enabling the initial insights given at the beginning of the project to result in tangible benefits at the end. If you would like to learn more about BTS and the exciting work we do you can read this great blog by Lucy Pearce.

In the constantly changing world of Technology and Business the purpose of a team like BTS remains the same. Whilst the people, place, method and objectives may change, the core function of Business Consulting and BTS is to help our clients in reaching their desired outcomes, and to continually support them until they have done this. It is for this reason that I believe Business Consulting to be a very rewarding job, as you have the opportunity to help others achieve their goals time and time again.

By Aaron Plant- My LinkedIn Profile

For more information about Capgemini, BTS and Business Consulting you can visit our Careers Page or the Meet Our People page!