The great thing about being a Consultant at Capgemini is that literally no two days are the same. One day you can be doing a presentation at an office, the next, working on a large deliverable, then the next on a plane around the world. 
For my current project, we are working with a global manufacturing company. The new system we are working on will affect users all over the world in over 40 countries. I work with stakeholders from a variety of countries every day, usually online through Skype Video Conferencing However, when it became time to present a 3 day workshop, after trialling it online, we decided it would be most effective if we met in person as we needed to undertake a series of activities; the easiest location for the team to fly into was the office in Chicago! 

So on a Saturday morning, I packed my bags and headed to the airport, the flight was a quick 8 hours before I landed in chilly Chicago. I jumped in a cab and headed to the hotel which was near the client office and met Rachel who had also joined me from the Capgemini team.

The following week was a whirlwind of taxis and meetings; it was great to work in a completely new culture and environment with a whole new team of people who I had been talking to for weeks over the phone. Overall, it was entirely worth it to travel over and the outcomes of the workshops were all positive.

Luckily, although there was a lot of hard work and long days, we did manage to grab a few hours to explore the city. Chicago itself is lovely; sitting on the banks of Lake Michigan, the city centre is full of skyscrapers and all the great American stores. We went to the top of the John Hancock tower and peered out across the city and saw the famous Chicago Bean.

Of course, we also had to dine on some of the amazing Chicago deep dish pizza. We may not have believed when the menu said one pizza pie between 2 people, so there was a lot of pizza to be eaten! But it was all delicious; you can’t beat that much cheese!

On Friday it was time to get back on the plane and head home to London. I really enjoyed my trip overseas and was very excited to be involved with a project which would give me the chance of international travel. 
Of course, it always depends on what project you are on as to where you will be based, but with the huge range of projects and roles in the graduate scheme, you never know where you will end up!