Last week, Capgemini hosted a visit from the Ark Globe Academy; an inner London school situated near Elephant and Castle. With the presence of 16 students, and 2 of their teachers, on the 8th floor in Holborn, Capgemini employees provided insight and inspiration into what the future could hold for the promising young individuals, who are on their ‘Futures Week’ – an alternative to the traditional work experience.  

During the 4 hour session we had with the students, we asked them to engage in a variety of activities and tasks which were designed to get them thinking about what they need for the future and give them a taste of what it’s like to work for a large organisation like Capgemini. We started with an ice breaker. The “Communication shield” – simple drawings which help tell others a little bit about you. I must say, at this point I found my favourite student in the ‘Aspirations’ section of his shield, he had drawn a rather well groomed beard which when presenting he said was inspired by mine. Beard aside, there seemed to be an overwhelming recurrence of money related aspirations – who can blame them.

We were all (the Capgemini team included) lucky enough to have Christine Hodgson (Chairman Capgemini UK) pay a visit to answer questions from the students around skills and development and how to ‘get to the top’. After which the students continued to ‘grill’ Capgemini team members on other skills related questions as part of the “Speed Skills Networking” activity. Some really good questions and the students definitely took some of the answers away with them to think about.

Other activities included a “mock assessment centre” (the group exercise), and a “business case study”. Both of which the students did very well at, creating some interesting ideas, holding some good discussions, and reporting their findings well. I was very impressed with the level of involvement each student had with each task, including getting up and presenting – something I loathed doing at 16 years old.

All in all, it was a pleasure to have the students with us for the session and hope they have each taken something away with them (other than a stomach full of chicken skewers which went down a treat at lunch), and hope to see some of them on the apprentice scheme in the coming years.

Adam Warder, Graduate DSU Business Analyst