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Just before you turn off the computer and start enjoying your weekend, why not read a short blog post written by one of Capgemini’s consultants over the last few days? We’ve got plenty to choose from!

Not bored yet of hearing about General Election? The business analytics team ponders if this is the start of a new era of two-party politics.

And if you are indeed bored of politics, the team has also considered if stringent quotas really are the solution to England’s football problem.

Have you considered working on international assignments? Here are one consultant’s seven steps to international success.

And if you’re into Java or looking for an interesting event to go to, here’s a novel idea – an unconference. Apparently it’s a life changing event!

We also have a blog post for those who wonder if banks can be like Apple. Can they?

‘Loyalty is dead – long live customer engagement!’ is one catchy headline – if you want to find out more, click here.

And of course the Eurovision! We can’t predict who will win it (sorry), but our data scientists can show you how the countries are likely to vote.

But if all this is not enough or if you want to see what our Group colleagues are writing about, visit our Blogs page.

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Financial Services

Fintech Forum: a deep-dive into the World Fintech Report 2018

Claire Uzzell
June 11, 2018
Leaders from top banks and fintechs recently gathered in Capgemini’s London Accelerated Solutions Environment to hear what the World Fintech Report 2018 findings meant for the financial services industry in the UK, and more importantly through engaging conversation throughout, what it meant for them and their own organisation.

So, you want to break into retail?

Lee Newcombe
May 10, 2018
Retail is a complex sector from a security perspective due to the long, occasionally tangled, and obtuse supply chains and large customer bases.

DTR11: A financial services perspective on AI

Karishma Plaha
April 9, 2018
The recent launch of the 11th edition of the Digital Transformation Review (DTR11) focuses on a relevant topic for all industries: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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