I joined Capgemini Financial services (FS) in Glasgow in 2012 as a graduate developer (Associate Consultant) having graduated from Dundee University with an MA International Relations and Politics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology from the University of Abertay.

In FS the first week or so is centered around learning some generic company principles and some generic Financial services principals, background and regulatory issues. I really enjoyed the FS modules. For example I found it quite interesting about how credit card transactions work and that all those numbers on the card mean something!

Once that was done I went in to learning about the day-today business of the Glasgow team and the account we work on for a large UK retail bank. This is a technical delivery team so I had to learn a technology new to me as well as get some refreshers in some familiar Oracle technology. By the start of my third week I was contributing to some testing work. As there is a stringent Quality Assurance process here I was allowed to just get on with the testing and my results were thoroughly looked over after to make sure everything was ok. I can’t say I was managing to work quickly but it was good to be allowed to contribute so early and it got easier with every test that passed. I must also say the team here were (and still are) great at helping out whenever I was stuck, everyone is always happy to help and answer any questions.

Since these early weeks I have been very fortunate with the opportunities that have been available to me within the team. Before my first year was finished I had completed my first development design document and table specification and had acted as a system test coordinator. Since then I have led several developments, completed designs (in 2 different technologies) and regularly engaged with the client on requirements issues as well as presenting designs to the client in design walkthroughs. At first, some these were daunting tasks and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous before every walkthrough even now, but the support I received from the team (and some hard work on my part) meant that I have been able to successfully deliver these tasks.

The opportunities and responsibilities that I have been provided with, and taken, meant that in January, as part of the end of year review process, I was promoted to Consultant after 16 months in the company.

There are 2 development teams in Glasgow each working in different technologies. Over my 2 years I have switched between the 2 teams depending on requirements. This gives a nice variety to the work, as well as allowing for skills to be retained as they are used regularly.

At the moment I am working on something a bit different, we are working on a data visualization proof of concept for a client. The team recently moved in to the Business Information Management practice and we have been working with and exploring some new data visualization tools/software. This has been a interesting and challenging project that has been increasing my skills in areas such as data and business analysis and intelligence, data visualization and usability design.

I have enjoyed my time in FS so far as there has been variety in the work, the opportunity to learn many different technologies and the opportunity to take on more responsibilities. There are even more opportunities that I am yet to take up (but probably should / definitely will) such as the opportunity to gain various certifications like ITIL v3 or ISEB testing certification, so there is plenty more for me to do yet.

John Thow
Graduate developer (Consultant), BIM,Glasgow