According to the 11th edition of the European Commission’s Benchmark Measurement of European eGovernment Services, carried out by Capgemini and its partners, the state of ICT delivery in Europe is more ‘quantity over quality’. The country factsheet for the UK is available as a pdf here.
The report, launched 28 May, was covered by key titles including Diginomica, Consultant-News and Government and Public Sector Journal.

The in-depth story from Diginomica concluded with the five key recommendations from this year’s report:

  • Design with a user-centric mind, which means considering user involvement and co-creation to improve user experience of citizens.
  • Enable joined up governance, which means considering a centralised governance to foster collaboration.
  • Instill transparency in new operating models, which means being open regarding performance, processes and data so that your organisation will gain greater trust from users.
  • Exploit new and disruptive technologies, such as social, mobile, big data & analytics and cloud.
  • Build an e-skilled workforce.

Much of the media coverage quoted Capgemini, Vice President and EU Account Executive, Dinand Tinholt: “With wider services now in place, governments across Europe should now focus on innovating to streamline customer communications with citizens to increase satisfaction and close the gap on expectations. The public sector could innovate further by modelling elements of user-centricity from the commercial sector. However, this needs to be balanced with increased transparency around what citizen data is being used for, whilst collaborating more effectively between organisations.

Key findings of the eGovernment Benchmarking report:

Infographic – headline numbers: