25th September 2012. I remember this date well. It was the first day I started to work for probably the best company that I could have hoped to have worked for after graduating. My reasons for making this rather bold statement are due first and foremost to the people I work with and the core principles that Capgemini stand by.

Capgemini’s strap line is ‘People Matter, Results Count’. In my personal experience this could not be a more factually correct statement. They have encouraged me to grow as an employee, and as a person. I feel I have been given the tools to craft a fantastic career and have the potential to push myself further.

The people I work with are great. They support, help in a crisis, and are always there to lend a hand. Senior management are extremely approachable, sometimes I forget that they are my manager! It’s just a great environment to work and thrive in.

Although I am nearing the end of my time as a Graduate, I am so pleased to see how the graduate programme has evolved and changed. It now offers further training which will equip new joiners with the tools they need to become a successful consultant.

When looking for amazing companies to work for, I’d seriously consider joining Capgemini, I have, and I’ve never looked back!!!

Nick Wallom
ECM Team,Business Information Management (BIM)