Today sees the launch of our new Digital Customer Experience (DCX) global service line (see here for full press release) designed to help businesses understand and implement digital customer engagement strategies and platforms. This is a particularly exciting launch for us in the UK as the framework for DCX is based largely on the work we have been doing on our own digital transformation, driven by Simon Short, formerly the UK CTO and now head of the new global service line.
No one is in any doubt that the world is changing fast. Businesses are finding it challenging to stay competitive in an environment where the customer has more power and demands more choice than ever before.  This change is being driven by an exponential growth in digital technologies; when an organisation begins a journey to transform the way they target, engage and interact with their customers via digital channels, they need to accept that it will fundamentally change how they do business. It affects everything – from the operating model to the delivery infrastructure, employee engagement and skills development, through to the final customer interaction.
Our DCX offering is based on three key pillars which consolidates our considerable business applications and consulting expertise and experience in digital:

  1. Develop: Our proven digital transformation methodologies, like the All Chanel Experience (ACE), place the customer at the heart of the business and provide a clear framework for alignment across the organisation.
  2. Build: Our ability to build digital operating models and platforms that make use of our own IP as well as the best solutions on the market from our ecosystem of digital asset management, mobile platform, and big data and analytics partners.
  3. Manage: Management of digital delivery services and aggregation, bringing together cloud services delivery, mobility, and data, including governance risk and compliance, cloud and mobile testing, and agile infrastructure.

Cliff Evans, UK Chief Digital Officer and Global Solutions Lead for DCX, said: “Our customers are recognising that to be competitive they must take advantage of the opportunities that digital presents. However, they are struggling with how to make digital a core part of how they do business and profitably serve their customers. What they need and what we are now offering with DCX is a collaborative approach that brings the most innovative services and thinking to digital transformation. This creates real business value and will help our customers stay two steps ahead in this changing world.

Is Digital Customer Experience at the heart of your business?