I’m sitting writing this on the train to my client’s site on Monday morning, and the significance of reaching the six month mark is really starting to hit – I can remember the first day of my induction like it was yesterday: time truly does fly.  One of the best bits of wisdom imparted at induction was that in consulting there are no certainties:  for every question you ask, the best and most appropriate answer is often, “it depends”.  And this, I have learnt now, is certainly true of both client work and internal work, which no matter what, is always varied.  No two days are ever the same.
After six months, I recognise a lot more faces in Holborn when I make my weekly pilgrimage to head office: people I’ve worked with on previous projects, fellow graduates and consultants in my capability team. My network is ever-expanding, and the benefits – the opportunity to get involved with the best projects, and a few more faces to chat with at Friday drinks – are significant.
If I had to sum up the first six months in one word, it would be ‘diverse’.  For my first couple of weeks, I was engaged in desk-based research and analysis for a major government department. This was followed by a 2 week stint on “the bench” (an affectionate term for the intervening period between billable client roles) doing various pieces of internal work; and since then I have done two very different roles at large national retailers. Currently I run the Project Management Office working directly with the project manager, giving me an excellent overview of the internal workings of a client project. Before that I had an in-store marketing role. On leaving university, I would never have imagined myself in-store at a children’s retail group training staff on store layouts, but that’s the beauty of consulting!
One of the things I appreciate most about Capgemini Consulting, and especially the CDC (Consultant Development Community), is its size – we’re relatively small compared to other major consulting firms, meaning that the sense of community is genuinely strong.  This is further enhanced by the CDC programme, which has a strong social dimension and brings young consultants away from their client projects to compare experiences and trade stories. It’s an almost self-run programme, and you can become involved in a hundred different ways; from running assessment centres and campus events, to writing weekly comms materials and designing our online strategy.  Currently I lead the internal CDC stream of work for Events and Communications, being responsible for the weekly bulletin, CDC Times and the organising of social events.  There’s also a training programme with a selection of training courses – currently I’ve done courses in Strategic Analysis and Business Writing and will be undertaking Core Financial Analysis training in a few weeks time.
With all of the varied work and experiences I have had since joining six months ago, I am looking forward to what the next six months will bring. I am in no doubt that they will be varied, different and full of the unexpected!