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Intelligent industry

From cost center to growth engine

How consumer products organizations can drive growth through advanced R&D capabilities

Data-Driven R&D for Consumer Products brings together all the elements needed to accelerate digital transformation in R&D, helping organizations unleash a culture of continuous, multifaceted innovation.

“To deliver the right products at the right time, organizations need to rethink the role of R&D, repositioning it from a cost center to a growth engine.”

Kees Jacobs, Vice President for Global Consumer Products & Retail

The success of consumer product (CP) companies has always been based on a relatively simple formula: delivering the right product at the right time.

Over time, that model has become increasingly hard to achieve as the market becomes more competitive and consumer preferences change rapidly. The shift to digital has also complicated matters as the “always-on” consumer not only expects brands to solve their problems, but deliver that solution with increasing levels of personalization, choice, convenience and speed.

For many consumer product organizations, it has become nearly impossible to deliver the right products at the right time if they are relying on traditional research & development (R&D) processes and systems. In this paper we discuss how brands can accelerate digital transformation in R&D at scale to shorten research timelines, drive impact by focusing on viable products and unlock benefits throughout the value chain.

Mark Knight, Sector Director, Consumer Products, Tessella part of Capgemini

Kees Jacobs, Vice President, Global Consumer Products & Retail, Capgemini