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Connected Customer Platforms

Enabling end-to-end customer experience transformation to deliver value at speed for both businesses and their customers.

Enabling end-to-end Customer Experience transformation to deliver value at speed for both businesses and their customers.

Customer experience (CX) is a combination of the perceptions, emotions and reactions that a customer has while employing different channels to interact with a company’s environment, products or employees.

Today, CX demands empathy and analysis, and it puts the customer first, every time. The challenge for organizations is how to embrace humanity, sensitivity, and intuition to invent new experiences. To be as personal as they are effective, these experiences must be grounded in rigorous analysis and cutting-edge technologies. They should build relationships, one interaction at a time, across any touchpoint, any context, and at any time.

Customer Experience continues to be a primary driver of digital transformation for organizations worldwide. Yet while digital remains a crucial CX enabler, the way organizations approach customer experience is changing. The modern enterprise must use data captured at every digital touchpoint to transform how it attracts, nurtures and retains customers for the long term.

At Capgemini, we make this transformation for our clients by orchestrating designers, transformation consultants and technologists to manage the whole customer lifecycle. We design, enable and support end-to-end transformation, at scale, across the entire enterprise. We empower our clients to constantly adapt their organization, system and processes in order to deliver value at speed for both their customers and their business. This is You. At Scale.

In this Point of View and infographic, we look at the opportunities and challenges of Customer Platforms. We examine the components and value, and we describe how the right framework successfully enables their implementation and deployment. We also share a viewpoint on the guiding principles for a successful Customer Platform journey. The key elements include the following:

  • Create an engaging and consistent CX
  • Activate your customer data
  • Activate your technology platform
  • Apply artificial intelligence (AI) in focused CX domains
  • Adopt new ways of working and orchestrate at scale