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3d render of a car on robotic welding line
Intelligent industry

The Future of Automotive Procurement

How automotive procurement should adapt to an increasingly complex & demanding supply world.

“Industrial procurement is facing a period of transition. To truly benefit from the next wave of AI-driven automation, it must redefine its playing field to become an integrated value driver.“

The Automotive industry finds itself in a period of transformation – technologies, markets and customer requirements are changing and are not stopping at the procurement department. What role will procurement play in 2035 in view of growing technological levers? How will the transactional aspects of today’s work evolve? And how will procurement ultimately contribute to achieving overarching strategic goals?

In our Point of View, we shed light on these questions and explain the challenges that characterize procurement for OEMs & suppliers today – and how Automotive should now strategically approach them in order to remain competitive long-term and further develop their department.

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The Future of Automotive Procurement Sneak-Peak

Many thanks to the authors Dave Kersevan & Fabian Sünkler.

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Dr. Reinhard Winkler

Head of Intelligent Industry, Capgemini Invent Austria
Reinhard leads our Intelligent Industry division at Capgemini Invent Austria. He has a proven track record of more than 25 years with global players in the automotive and high-tech industry. Covering the entire upstreaming value chain, he is a well-known expert in product development and operations excellence, as well as in digital strategy and business transformation.