Smart Foundry for Managing Test Environments and Test Data

An end to end solution to manage and provision multi-cloud environments

Smart, innovative DevTest environment management solution to bolster speed-to-market, cost effective manner for financial services institutions.

Smart Foundry integrates with Capgemini’s SmartQA platform to deliver multi-premise, cloud-agnostic, and domain-centric testing solutions for application deployment.

Capgemini has leveraged its intelligent integration framework to seamlessly fit in the best of the value stream management capabilities from Plutora and the multi-premise deployment capabilities of Nutanix’s automated application management framework, to create an intelligent, multi-functional, domain-centric platform – Smart Foundry.

Capgemini’s Smart Foundry provides a powerful, domain-centric, multi-premise, cloud agnostic and a secure environment for efficient, scalable testing. It is your one stop shop for all your testing, test environment and test data needs.

We partnered with Plutora and Nutanix

Plutora offers a complete pre-production environment management solution that provides internal and external environment teams a central place to collaborate on and view environment bookings and configurations. As part of Capgemini’s Smart Foundry, Plutora gives users the ability to select from a list of available Nutanix Calm Blueprints and the system orchestrates the build of the appropriate environment, automatically.

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