Transform IT delivery with product-centric POD development

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Bring IT closer to the business to gain agility and flexibility

A wireless carrier increases revenue with an agile promotions-management platform that allows it to release promotions in response to market dynamics. Agility is the key to growth.

Agility drives competitiveness and long-term resiliency, but reacting to the market more quickly requires moving away from traditional IT delivery models where the operations team manages the applications and the development team makes enhancements to those applications.

It is time to move to a modern POD model, where a single cross-functional team spans all aspects of development and maintenance for optimal outcomes. POD organizes ADM teams to align people, process, and technology to enable next-generation delivery.

To build a POD, companies need to understand the lines of business (LOBs) that drive the company’s priorities, map the applications that fall into the LOBs, and then create PODs to support these applications.

The true value of a POD lies in its ability to enable IT to move at the pace of business today.

Read how PODs can drive greater efficiency, savings, and agility in Product-centric POD development model transforms IT delivery.

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