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Transforming Retail – Launch a ‘Wow’ Factor to Differentiate Your Brand

A radical transformation to inspire the in-store customer experience: European kitchen manufacturer Nobia stimulates customers to design and step into their dream kitchens with Capgemini’s 3D Modeler

Increased store visits and time in store

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Yet, companies continue to lose over USD300 billion globally each year due to poor customer experiences. Further consequences include increased customer churn and damage to a brand’s reputation.

Improving the customer experience is not about tackling any specific channel, but more about connecting with the customer and providing value through an omnichannel journey. With this goal in mind, one of Europe’s largest kitchen manufacturers, Nobia, has launched an initiative to improve the integration of the retailer’s in-store and online relationships.

Using the Capgemini 3D Modeler, powered by Intel® Technology, customers can build and visualize their dream kitchens in the digital space. If they don’t like what they see, they can easily alter the layout or try out different materials prior to making any purchase. This innovative solution also integrates back-end analytics, providing retailers with insight into the popularity of each unit, appliance, color, trim, and more.  The customer experience is entirely transformed – into one that is interactive, inspiring and highly differentiated from that of the competition.

Initial feedback from both customers and sales associates has been positive. “Early anecdotal evidence indicates that the 3D Modeler injects the ”Wow” factor into the in-store experience and attracts customers to embark on their kitchen-buying journey with us,” says Nobia’s Martina Strand.

The Smart Digital Store

The 3D Modeler is part of Capgemini’s Smart Digital Store proposition, a set of ready-made solutions and reference architectures that brings together the customer, store employee, product and physical store itself. By following an integrated approach, rather than promoting discrete gadgets or one-off point solutions, the Smart Digital Store drives new and measurable business value and grows with the retailer’s business.

The 3D Modeler was developed by Capgemini, in collaboration with Intel, at the Capgemini Global Retail Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) in Lille, France. Although initially designed for the retail sector, the tool can be applied to designing any interior space.

For more information, please contact our Smart Digital Store experts

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