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Hydro One focuses on exceptional customer service during the pandemic

Work-from-home for 400 customer-service staff built on Inergi’s experience

Hydro One is Ontario’s largest electricity transmission and distribution provider, with approximately 1.4 million residential, business, and industrial customers across the province. On March 17, 2020, Ontario declared a state-of-emergency shutdown to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Hydro One had a work-from-home deployment strategy ready to go before the province declared the state of emergency. Hydro One worked with Inergi, a Capgemini company, to prepare the tools the customer-service team would need to do everything offsite.

Inergi also ensured the team had a positive user experience once they got their laptops home. Most employees had never used laptops to perform their jobs in the office and their requests for technology support were prioritized to make sure the team was ready to answer customer calls on Monday morning.

The collaboration with Inergi meant hundreds of employees were able to work from home on the first day of the lockdown and answer calls from customers.

Read how Hydro One and Inergi ensured customer service never dimmed in Hydro One continues to provide exceptional customer service during the pandemic.

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