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Intelligent industry

The future of b2b: Harnessing platforms for ai, sustainability, and connected value creation

Collaborative research from Capgemini Invent and MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy

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By now, everyone knows the value of Business-to-Customer (B2C) platforms. There is a wealth of research, analysis, and educational material on their success. But the same cannot be said about the Business-to-Business (B2B) sphere. So, if there is so much transformative potential, why haven’t B2B platform business models been so readily adopted by business to business organizations? At Capgemini Invent, we wanted to answer that very question, which is why we collaborated on a comprehensive report with our long-term partner, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Building better B2B platforms: Insights from a multi-method study

Together, one year ago, we published an outline of our Intentions and methodology: Paving the Way to Success. Now, we are delighted to announce the forthcoming concluding part of our research on B2B platforms. Our long-term partnership with MIT has yielded many surprising insights and enabled us to draw up nine necessary dimensions business to business organizations should consider when embracing the power of platforms. We draw on three primary data sources: a company coding of more than 350 B2B online platforms, in-depth interviews with 30 B2B platform companies’ executives, and a quantitative survey of 200 B2B digital platforms.

Why B2B Platforms?

It is a common question in the world of business. If, after many years, something still has not been created, people wonder whether it is necessary at all. But this is not the Capgemini way. We believe organizations should strive to continuously innovate and explore untapped potential. And the truth is, just as in the B2C world, Business-to-Business platforms can reduce complexity and drive value for organizations worldwide. In fact, a business-to-business online platform is rapidly becoming a prerequisite in the modern landscape, particularly a B2B marketing platform.

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The Future of B2B: Harnessing platforms for AI, sustainability, and connected value creation

Regardless of their type, all B2B platforms can scale faster than traditional business models. They do so by taking advantage of network effects and creating significant value for all sides of the market and its orchestrator.

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