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A cool use case and a functional technology base are not all it takes to launch a successful B2B platform — we can tell you that!

As consumers, digital platforms are an integral part of our everyday lives. Their influence and market-changing dynamics have reshaped the way companies interact with their customers.

But where B2C platforms are taking over their industries, B2B companies are still facing many challenges to solve their customers’ pain points with platform business models. To find out why, Capgemini Invent joined forces with the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (MIT IDE) for a global research project that aims to better understand the dynamics of business-to-business platforms and ecosystems. In our first report-out we identified the four main types of B2B platform variations and their characteristics and challenges.

In recent years, numerous companies across sectors have endeavoured to build such B2B platforms with limited success; Capgemini Invent & MIT IDE intend to explore the many lessons to be learned from the widely adopted B2C platform models currently enjoying success, including high degrees of customization, integration requirements and data sovereignty, while respecting the requirements of B2B engagements. With our first report we will explore the differences of various B2B platform types in the market and identify the challenges when building them. The research is based on a variety of sectors and industries on a global scale, including automotive, consumer products, healthcare and medical devices, smart home, and manufacturing. With our developed framework , B2B companies can begin to unlock their potential and emulate the success of platform business models.

Do you want to transition towards a platform business model?

  • Get started with your platform journey reading our new report on B2B Platforms-Paving the Way to Success.
  • Discover the right B2B platform type for you.
  • Identify key success dimensions using our new developed framework.

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