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Technology helps franchisees improve business operations
Customer experience

Technology can be key for business operations

Market disruptions and challenges driving change

It is estimated the US has more than 790,000 franchise organizations employing almost 8.5 million people and generating more than $825 billion in economic output. Opening under an established name with solid business practices delivers higher success rates than independent businesses.

But even with a big name on the door, franchises are like any small- and medium-sized businesses hit hard by the last couple of years. Rising energy, labor, and transportation costs and access issues with raw materials have made it difficult to build a stable business.

Capgemini’s Future Franchise Services (powered by ServiceNow) can enhance service delivery and customer experience by creating frictionless franchise operations.

As a leading ServiceNow partner, Capgemini can help retailers and franchise operators by providing a wide range of services through a single, cloud-based platform. ServiceNow’s flexibility and scalability make it well-suited to meet the needs of both large and small franchise operations.

Download Technology helps franchisees improve business operations to learn how to embrace technology to compete and manage in a disrupted market.

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