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Rethinking Brand Strategy with technology and data

Enhancing brand strategy and execution with data and technology

The need for data insights

Several reasons have brought data insights in brand communications to the fore. First, the digital user base entering the online space more regularly has expanded. Second, the time spent online in the interactions triggered has increased. Alongside this digital user perspective, growth in enabling technology, and the willingness to use it, has increased, allowing better CX and tracking, pushing the volume of data collected. Additionally, the ability to build actionable insights from complex data sets has accelerated, thanks to AI and machine learning.

This creates momentum as people see the benefit of giving away their data once they feel they are “heard”, understood in the way they are approached with content and offers, and that their data privacy and preferences are respected. Organizations able to capture this data themselves will be well placed to offset the impact of third-party cookies coming to an end. Accordingly to our latest CRI report – A New Playbook for CMOs, there are multiple use-cases for data-driven decision making in brand strategy including positioning the brand, identifying target segments, and enhancing brand experiences.

Rethinking brand strategy with technology and data

In this opinion paper, we look at the kind of data companies are collecting — and why. We offer our perspective on how to build a data-driven brand strategy and provide use cases from the consumer goods industry. And we observe that, with more digitally skilled employees in the workplace, the stage is set for organizations to use data and analytics to reimagine their marketing operations.

We look at the critical role of data in developing and operationalizing brand strategies with a combination of brand tactics and activities, along with deep customer knowledge. We discuss how rich quality data and advanced analytics have the potential to help shape, deliver, control, and optimize thoughtful brand strategies.

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Dr. Jerome Honerkamp is a strategy and marketing expert at Capgemini Invent with more than 11 years of experience in consulting, the consumer goods industry and academia. As a Consultant, Marketing Director and CDO, he has already successfully accompanied major international marketing and sales transformations.