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New SEC Climate Disclosure policy drives cloud sustainability

Reporting requirements will need tangible results and commitments

Sustainable IT is the backbone to a greener future, but it is not a priority for most companies. A Capgemini Research Institute report found only 43 percent of executives were aware of their organization’s IT carbon footprint and only 18 percent have a comprehensive sustainability strategy with well-defined goals and target timelines.

Sustainability can no longer be an afterthought for IT. It needs to be a core tenet of all activities, and that requires a shift in thinking across the organization. While the new SEC regulations are an incentive, the move towards sustainability needs to permeate the company culture.

Capgemini has a framework to help clients find the path to measurable sustainability. It can help a company go from discussions to action. Every piece of the IT ecosystem needs to be impacted by the changes, so sustainability is at the forefront of all decisions.

Download the PoV New reporting requirements spur a rush to cloud sustainability to learn more about how companies are accelerating their carbon-reduction programs and meeting climate-change goals through cloud adoption. This will promote sustainability and help get the future you want.

For more information on how Capgemini can accelerate your sustainability journey and achieve measurable carbon goals, check out our Sustainable Enterprise IT Transformation with ADMnext page here.

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Raakesh Boyapati

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I lead the GTM team for the ADM COE in North America. I have over 25+ years of experience in Application Managed Services. My specializations include Application Outsourcing, Cost Transformations, Vendor consolidation and IT Strategy. I work with clients to develop solutions for maximizing operational excellence, driving growth and improving stakeholder experience.

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