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Sustainable Enterprise IT Transformation with ADMnext

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is essential in ensuring the sustainability of our environment – not only for future generations but for the current one as well. It also holds immense opportunities for the future growth of your business.

According to the Capgemini Research Institute, sustainable IT is still not a priority for most organizations, with only 43% of executives being aware of their organization’s IT footprint and 39% taking no action at all. What’s more, only a mere 6% of companies are truly capitalizing on the significant performance opportunities available here, which include markedly improved Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores, brand image, and customer satisfaction.

To ensure that you take advantage of these opportunities, it’s essential to select the right sustainability development partner. This means a partner that can help you better position your business as a leader in sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of your Enterprise IT.

Sustainable Enterprise IT Transformation with ADMnext: Building a cleaner, more profitable future through the operations, technology, and culture of your enterprise IT team

Sustainable Enterprise IT Transformation with ADMnext is ADMnext’s spotlight on sustainability that helps you radically transform your business with a three-pronged approach that focuses on the operations, technology, and culture of your Enterprise IT.

Sustainable IT Operations: Processes and policies

To effectively help you sustainably transform your operations, we enable you to exploit the latest processes underpinned by IA and drive positive environmental change at pace. We also help you embed innovation and push sustainability as a strategic agenda item, utilize “Work-Where-Best” policies, and achieve positive sustainability outcomes across your service delivery and enterprise IT portfolio.

Sustainable Technology: IT tools and enablers

To embed sustainability throughout the technologies you utilize, we help you incorporate the carbon impact of applications into decision making to optimize your IT portfolio, reduce energy consumption, and increase user device efficiency. We enable you to exploit the latest insights-driven automation to increase efficiency and reduce waste across business and IT processes, while driving better environmental impact monitoring and implementing positive, sustainable change at scale. We also help you integrate sustainability-focused Engagement Management tooling to track energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Sustainable IT Culture: People and ways of working

To drive sustainability throughout your culture, we help you optimize and remotely-enable your workforce to reduce CO2 emissions and coordinate geographically-dispersed personnel to deliver improved client intimacy. We also assist in migrating to Cloud-based productivity tools to reduce overall and IT-specific energy needs, along with fostering a net-zero mindset to develop awareness and education, and anchor behavioral change.

In concentrating on these three areas, we work with you to define and set your Enterprise IT transformation roadmap in motion.

Download the whitepaper and infographic above to learn how you can reap the benefits of ADMnext’s three-pronged approach to sustainable Enterprise IT operations, technology, and culture – and build the clean and profitable future you desire.

Meet our experts

Sameer Bhagwat

Expert in Application Outsourcing, Digital Transformation, IT Strategy
I have over 20 years of experience managing senior leaders & globally dispersed teams across US, Europe, and India.  I am focused on selling strategic managed services deals with a unique combination of leveraging traditional Applications and IT portfolio along with Digital and Cloud technologies to drive business value for clients.

Randy Potter

Expert in Enterprise Architecture
25+ years in IT Consulting. Expertise in IT Transformation and Strategy, Enterprise architecture, Emerging Technologies, and new ways of working (Agile POD’s, DevOps, etc.)

David McIntire

NA ADMnext Offer Lead and Solution Integrator
20+ year in Digital Consulting and experience in solutioning and selling new application services engagements. Support large-scale client opportunities through the development of solutions, transformation plans and presentation of our ADM capabilities.