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Future railway mobile communication systems

Digitalization is increasing in the rail industry to enable a host of use cases like intelligent traffic management, intelligent infrastructure, automated shunting, and connected workers.

Advanced connectivity is fundamental to digitalization that will enable more sustainable and intelligent transportation. The Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS), which is primarily based on 5G, is under development.

FRMCS, targeted to replace GSM-R in the next 7–10 years, will provide advanced connectivity and future-proof technology for railway digitalization. However, the technological challenges are immense, and as such, the planning for a smooth migration must start now.

In our new whitepaper, Future Railway Mobile Communication Systems, we discuss the benefits of deploying FRMCS, the technical challenges, network type deployment options, and propose a migration strategy. 

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Future railway mobile communication systems

Rail operators want to replace old mechanical rail systems with modern digital alternatives.