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CHROs are reinventing work and the workplace

Building a vision beyond work from home

COVID showed us that work from home is not a reward or a fallback scenario – it’s a reality and a potential competitive advantage. Companies can now re-write the rulebook beyond place and time to align work with corporate, employee, and societal goals.

Faced with the tide of employee mobility known as “the great resignation,” firms must give employees a reason to stay and a reason to go back to the office. Part of that could be redefining what work is, how it’s done, and where it’s done. To be competitive, companies must provide the tools and benefits a modern, mobile workforce expects.

Without a new vision, companies will fall into the old habits which made finding and retaining a diverse workforce difficult. New challenges may force firms to adapt or, better yet, companies can take a leadership position to redefine workforce management with automation and enlightened measures of productivity. HR leaders have the opportunity to move from reactive administrators to proactive designers of a new mode of working.

Capgemini can help. We talked with nearly two dozen CHROs from companies of all sizes across North America to gather insights about their challenges and the lessons learned as they grapple with workforce management and creating news strategies for post-pandemic work.

Download the report to learn more about a new vision for the future of your workplace.