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Digital assurance and quality engineering in today’s world

Solving the software testing challenge requires companies to ensure they have enough flexibility and adaptability in their choice of QA and test tools. Open source and as-a-service solutions are plentiful and easy to consume, however, exchanging and connecting data across multiple repositories can become a challenge, which leads to a lack of transparency in quality at the enterprise level.

Capgemini’s Quality Engineering Platform (QEPTM) addresses these challenges by providing holistic customer-experience-focused solutions that enable organizations to make the leap from traditional testing to modern quality engineering.

What we offer:

  1. Transformational approach that allows companies to make the leap from traditional testing to modern quality engineering
  2. Increase in both effectiveness and efficiency of testing through an integrated approach with measured increases delivery velocity drastically while enabling business outcomes
  3. Delivery of features rapidly, while ensuring a flawless customer experience
  4. Better management of risks and improved business continuity using a comprehensive approach to QA and testing transformations.

Automation is growing smarter and much more effective. As companies gain maturity in the way they handle the new world of IT, the benefits they gain from automation will increase. For many years, the focus of test automation was on execution and functional testing happening in silos. Today, more components of the lifecycle are being automated, with the goal of automating the entire process.

For companies to be successful, they need to understand automation is not only about replacing manual testing and gaining incremental cost savings, but for digital transformation it is about extending end-to-end automation for test ecosystems, delivering quality at speed, and supporting Agile and DevOps frameworks

Capgemini’s automation solutions can drive intelligent automation into the testing lifecycle to achieve:

  1. An increase in both effectiveness and efficiency of testing through an automation-first approach, with measured increases in delivery velocity while enabling business outcomes
  2. Higher productivity and lower costs
  3. Support of Agile and DevOps frameworks through automated, continuous testing pipelines to improve the velocity of testing activities in agile teams.

Testing is the foundation for a strong agile software-development plan that supports business needs and expectations. To achieve that, companies must move from traditional testing to a more modern engineering approach. This will deliver a more effective and efficient testing program that creates a seamless customer experience and better manages risks.

Testing services:

  • Digital QA and testing
  • Managed Testing Services (MTS)Mobile testing
  • Strategic consultancy and testing
  • TAKT engine
  • Test automation solutions
  • Testing Centers of Excellence
  • Agile managed testing services
  • Test Process Improvement (TPI)
  • Agile methodology
  • Testing in the cloud
  • Structured testing
  • Test data management
  • Test environment management
  • DevOps QA
  • Unified testing offerings

Capgemini can partner with you on the journey to quality engineering. Just contact us.

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