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Climate change – we need to talk

A cross-generational conversation on the climate crisis

How do you solve a problem as multifaceted as climate change?

It helps to put our minds together – and spread the word.

Welcome to the latest episode of Future Sight! In this episode, Arielle and Tyler tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time – climate change – and explore the challenges of communicating its urgency and implementing changes. They discuss the underrepresented areas in the conversation around climate action, the role of social media in driving sustainability, and how our attitudes about the future of our planet are pivotal in ensuring its well-being.

We discuss:

  • how different generations and communities are impacted by climate change
  • the barriers that companies face in addressing sustainability issues
  • key areas that are currently underrepresented in the push for sustainable action
  • bridging the gap between activism and economics
  • personal responsibility as consumers and conscientious agents

Join us and our guests as we unpack the issues, strategize, and explore how each piece of the puzzle can come together to mitigate climate change. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about THE global challenge of our time.

This podcast is based on Capgemini Research Institute’s latest quarterly review, Conversations for Tomorrow, Climate Tech for a Sustainable Planet. Learn more and download the review here. 

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Our speakers

Arielle Kouyoumdjian

Teen podcaster, Founder of Changing Planet Justice
Arielle Kouyoumdjian is a teen podcaster, wilderness enthusiast, and climate justice activist. She is the producer of the Changing Planet Justice podcast, which dives into environmental justice and social equity. She actively talks about climate change’s impact on vulnerable communities. She has won various awards, including the Best of SNO journalism award and The New York Times Fourth Annual Student Podcast award. She is based in Virginia, USA.

Tyler Williams

Deputy Head – Americas Sustainability
Tyler Williams is Deputy Head for Capgemini’s Sustainability practice in the Americas and Principal of Sustainability & Energy Transition. His focus areas include net zero strategy, GHG and ESG monitoring and reporting, and supply chain decarbonization. His expertise includes 15 years of experience in asset-heavy industry managing large teams and programs across 20+ countries; and extensive sustainability experience including robust economic and policy analysis in energy and carbon markets, having led advocacy efforts up to the C-suite level with customers, partners, and trade associations.