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Near future, not far-fetched

Brett Bonthron
28 Apr 2023

Capgemini has worked with high tech leaders for over 50 years. We understand the role of high tech – quite simply, it’s the engine that powers the highest levels of innovation. It’s the type of world-changing technology that transforms businesses, entire markets, and even human history. For example, when invented, the steam engine was absolutely high tech. Flip phones? High tech. When these innovations are early and have yet to cross the chasm to mass adoption, we sense the advance far away. The media starts buzzing with predictions of life-altering experiences and sudden changes in how we live, work, and play. Businesses begin to both worry and get excited. We call technologies in this critical, most exciting phase ”near-technology” or “near-tech.” This stage comes with unique challenges, where even a few days’ delay can be the difference between a market leader and a historical footnote.  

Near-tech describes the kinds of technology that exist not in research labs but just within reach. It represents tangible possibilities – technology that can, with the right expertise and capabilities, enable real opportunities. 

The extraordinary and the everyday 

These advancements ride in on massive waves of disruption, completely changing our global perspectives and human capabilities. The tension between extraordinary technology and everyday life drives the development of new business models and innovations. Right now, we are entering a remarkable time. Immense technological waves are cresting the horizon – generative AI, truly human robotics, individualized gene therapies, new chip manufacturing and lithography capabilities – changing the world and devastating our everyday. But living in the tension between the extraordinary and the every day isn’t new to Capgemini – it is our legacy. 

Outrageous yet logical 

The greatest innovations are born out of big bets by entrepreneurs and companies willing to challenge the core assumptions surrounding us. Software must run on-premises… enter SaaS. It’s only a phone… enter the Smart Phone. The common characteristic of transformative technologies is that they first fundamentally disrupt our mindset, then disrupt our infrastructure, manufacturing, supply chains, business models, and security. They may seem like outrageous ideas at first, but eventually, something tips and the disruption becomes normalized: This is the future. And the wave begins. We believe deeply that these innovations are outrageous and, at the same time, logical, and we help bring them to the world. It is our mindset of possibility that makes us different.

We are builders 

Capgemini High Tech recognizes that success is embracing and exploiting near-tech. It’s about bringing together talent and technology to help organizations reach near-tech faster. However demanding or specific the challenge might be, an expert can help solve it. We proudly act as a comprehensive partner for High Tech clients looking to leverage near-tech to transform their business. But what makes us unique is that we don’t just define a company’s future but also help them build it. 

Making connections 

Perhaps the most essential tool for any business seeking new opportunities through high tech is connection – connections between knowledge, capability, and technologies. By drawing on broad networks of deep expertise, companies can use high tech to enter industries and markets that were otherwise unobtainable until now. We enable our clients to connect with the right semiconductor manufacturing partner, the right business strategy, the right design and UX partner, the right production and shipping plan, and the right data and software security solution. We bring the connections to make near-tech real.

Capgemini High Tech serves the tangible possibilities that are just within reach – decisions and actions that matter now. Whether through connections, living in the gap between the extraordinary and everyday, building real solutions, or embracing the outrageous, we are the partner for near-tech.

Let’s innovate the near technology of your industry together. 

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About the author

Brett Bonthron

Executive Vice President and Global High-tech Industry Leader
Brett has over 35 years of experience in high-tech, across technical systems design, management consulting, start-ups, and leadership roles in software. He has managed many waves of technology disruption from client-server computing to re-engineering, and web 1.0 and 2.0 through to SaaS and the cloud. He is currently focusing on defining sectors such as software, computer hardware, hyper-scalers/platforms, and semiconductors. He has been an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of San Francisco for 18 years teaching Entrepreneurship at Master’s level and is an avid basketball coach.