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Capgemini’s advanced advertising solution leverages AWS Clean Rooms

Dio Favatas
15 Feb 2023

Capgemini is excited to announce support for AWS Clean Rooms, an analytics service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS Clean Rooms helps companies and their partners more easily and securely analyze and collaborate on their datasets without sharing or revealing the underlying data. This service allows customers to create a secure data clean room in minutes and work with any company on the AWS Cloud to generate unique insights about advertising campaigns, investment decisions, and research and development.

Capgemini is proud to be a partner for AWS Clean Rooms, given the importance of first-party data for advertisers and the evolving privacy landscape. This partnership comes on the heels of Capgemini creating a solution with Amazon Ads last month that delivers advanced advertising and marketing capabilities utilizing Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC).

What are data clean rooms?

Data clean rooms are secure and governance-protecting environments where two or more parties can analyze their collective data. They enable companies to join distributed datasets more securely, provision appropriate data access and privacy measures, and power end-to-end marketing measurement and analysis. Clean rooms deliver integral capabilities for companies to deliver more personalized customer experiences and better return on advertising spend.

Data clean rooms present some challenges: the underlying technology is complex and takes many development resources to create, the vendor landscape can be difficult to navigate, large teams are involved with onboarding a clean-room solution, and collaboration between media publishers and their brand partners often requires parties moving or sharing their underlying data or relying on contractual agreements to restrict the insights that can be used.

AWS Clean Rooms resolves these challenges by improving this game-changing technology – accelerating speed-to-value for publishers, brands, and advertisers. AWS Clean Rooms makes it easier for AWS companies to work with each other without needing to move data out of AWS or load it into another platform. Customers can create a clean-room collaboration in minutes and run queries subject to each participants’ restrictions. AWS Clean Rooms reads data from where it lives and automatically applies those restrictions that help protect participants’ underlying data, all without customers having to invest weeks or months writing code or maintaining capabilities. Capgemini’s expertise in engineering, artificial intelligence, and advertising and marketing technology solutions helps further accelerate the deployment of AWS Clean Rooms by developing customer-centric use cases to maximize benefits, optimize buy/build decisions, identify suitable vendors through environment scans, and embed processes to optimize clean-room onboarding and align buy-in among collaborating partners.

The advertising industry has an opportunity to reinvent itself and redesign customer experience leveraging the insights gleaned from multi-party clean-room collaborations to enhance personalization and experiences across owned, operated, and paid marketing activities. For brands and advertisers to transform their marketing operations and leverage data clean rooms within measurement, experimentation, and activation, first-party data becomes (in conjunction with second- and third-party data) critical to better understand and serve customers. Therefore, the new data framework rests in developing trust with customers and prospects, and consent is driven from experiences with brand advertising and marketing.


Amazon Web Services built AWS Clean Rooms because customers needed ways to collaborate with their partners, while protecting their underlying data, to optimize marketing and advertising experiences, enhance customer insights, improve reporting and measurement, and accelerate innovation. AWS Clean Rooms is especially helpful for marketers, agencies, media platforms, and publishers as it gives them control over what data is analyzed and how insights can be used among collaborating parties.

Well-executed clean-room solutions will provide significant benefits for media platforms and their brand partners. Brands will receive richer customer insights, as well as a better understanding of audience overlap and targeting for improved marketing return-on-investment. Media companies now have new opportunities to better monetize their data, offer premium CPMs, and improve market share.

Technical benefits of AWS Clean Rooms include:

  • Multi-party collaboration
  • Collaboration without needing to maintain a copy of your data outside the AWS environment
  • Full programmatic access
  • Flexible SQL queries subject to automated analysis rules and minimum aggregation thresholds
  • Cryptographic computing to ensure data remains encrypted at rest, in transit, and in use (while being processed).

Our approach

We help clients navigate their AWS Clean Room journey through our Align-Launch-Scale approach. The Align-Launch-Scale approach accelerates implementation by focusing on capability assessment and design innovation, building out an “MVP” solution, and scaling to implement a complete platform including operations, centers of excellence, and a culture of data-driven marketing.

Work with us

Capgemini is an industry leader in implementing integrated data clean-room solutions that allow advertising platforms and their customers to collaborate and analyze sensitive customer data. This helps generate insights and improve the performance of marketing programs without jeopardizing the privacy of their respective customers. Clean-room solutions for three of the world’s top ad platforms are being managed and optimized by Capgemini with technology innovations including advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Clean rooms are critical to the future of marketing in the changing privacy landscape. The ability to natively share data between partners to quickly understand the impact of their marketing efforts is essential to the future of measurement and to help marketers communicate the value of everything they do. The ability to do that natively within the AWS ecosystem is essential, and accelerating insights to value with AWS Clean Rooms is an imperative need for data collaboration.

To continue the discussion on AWS Clean Rooms and how they can enhance your digital marketing strategies, please reach out to Neerav Vyas at or Dio Favatas at

Dio Favatas

Head of Marketing Clouds, Customer Data Platforms, and Identity Solutions | Customer First Practice, Insights & Data, North America
Dio is a thought leader and future-focused strategist who operates at the intersection of innovation and digital transformation, helping organizations properly leverage data and data-driven marketing decisions. He was honored as a part of the American Marketing Association’s ‘4 Under 40’ Emerging Leaders, winner of the Digiday award for Best Internet Experience, and was a key contributor to an Emmy Award-winning campaign.

Neerav Vyas

Head of Customer First, Co-Chief Innovation Officer, Insights & Data, Global
Neerav is an outstanding leader, helping organizations accelerate innovation, drive growth, and facilitate large-scale transformation. He is a two-time winner of the Ogilvy Award for Research in Advertising and an AIconics 2019 and 2020 finalist for Innovation in Artificial Intelligence for Sales and Marketing.