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AWS for advertising and marketing helps Capgemini deliver innovative advertising solutions

Neerav Vyas
18 Jan 2023

The changing privacy and marketing technology landscape continues to create more uncertainty in measuring marketing ROI. Coupled with the deprecation of cookie-based ad technology, advertisers will no longer be able to target, re-target, model, and analyze campaign performance to make informed decisions – unless they future-proof their systems and processes.

Advertisers currently face significant challenges combining first-party data with third-party advertising and marketing data to measure and plan advertising campaigns in a privacy-compliant manner. That is why Capgemini is partnering with Amazon to deliver advanced advertising solutions using the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), a solution from Amazon Ads that tracks signals across the platform and their advertiser-owned pseudonymized data. Together, they provide purpose-built solutions to meet the needs of advertising agencies, marketers, and publishers.

AMC and the Amazon Demand-Side Platform (ADSP) have together become an essential platform for unlocking insights and reaching the 135 million unduplicated US viewers on Amazon’s streaming service.

With AMC, advertisers have a solution that helps combine their first-party data with Amazon advertising data within a scalable and secure architecture for multi-party analysis. Once first-party data has been uploaded to AMC, advertisers can perform analyses in combination with Amazon Ads data – and begin receiving insights that help improve understanding and performance of their Amazon Ads campaigns.  AMC ensures that first-party data is stored and controlled within an advertiser’s own AWS account, that they have full control of any data uploaded, and that Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is not uploaded directly to AMC.

AMC has evolved from a post-campaign measurement and analytics offering to a solution for audience activation.

Amazon has also released an AMC-based attribution tool for in-store sales via their owned grocery networks (i.e., Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh), and now also supports video advertising data from Twitch, the popular live streaming service it acquired. Lastly, since Amazon has an extensive Amazon Shopper Panel in the United States, it is piloting a new metric called Amazon Brand Lift, which companies will use to measure upper-funnel metrics such as brand awareness and intent.

Capgemini’s customized AMC solutions help advertisers quickly get up and running with multi-touch attribution, media mix modeling, and more with an approach that streamlines implementation to maximize benefits. Immediate outcomes include unlocking insights to reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC) and increase lifetime value (LTV). Additional outcomes include gleaning new insights on audiences who engage with ads and customers who buy products from third-party retailers.

“Capgemini helps clients jumpstart their AMC journey with a package of accelerators that deliver personalized ad experiences, optimize ad serving performance and cost, and innovate with advanced audience segmentation and attribution,” said Neerav Vyas, Head of Customer First North America, and Co-Chief Innovation Officer – Insights & Data, North America at Capgemini.

Capgemini’s package of AMC accelerators enables advertisers to rapidly access a complete view of audiences throughout the customer journey across all touchpoints – enabling the consistent delivery of relevant ads to target audiences across devices and formats and allowing advertisers to attribute advertising and conversion events when they occur on different devices.

Capgemini’s solution, built on AMC, enables multiple integrations and distribution channels for sharing data with flexibility and interoperability, and provides tools for better managing first-party data and integration with third-party platforms. The goal is to make marketing operations more actionable and data-driven by fostering creativity and strategic planning to drive analysis, optimize marketing ROI, and harness customer journey and path to purchase analytics.

For more information about how Capgemini can transform your digital marketing strategies, please reach out to Neerav Vyas at or Dio Favatas at

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Neerav Vyas

Head of Customer First, Co-Chief Innovation Officer, Insights & Data, Global
Neerav is an outstanding leader, helping organizations accelerate innovation, drive growth, and facilitate large-scale transformation. He is a two-time winner of the Ogilvy Award for Research in Advertising and an AIconics 2019 and 2020 finalist for Innovation in Artificial Intelligence for Sales and Marketing.

Dio Favatas

Head of Marketing Clouds, Customer Data Platforms, and Identity Solutions | Customer First Practice, Insights & Data, North America
Dio is a thought leader and future-focused strategist who operates at the intersection of innovation and digital transformation, helping organizations properly leverage data and data-driven marketing decisions. He was honored as a part of the American Marketing Association’s ‘4 Under 40’ Emerging Leaders, winner of the Digiday award for Best Internet Experience, and was a key contributor to an Emmy Award-winning campaign.