Addressing disruptive innovation and seismic industry shifts

Technology has transformed the world around us – changing the way people live and work, shaping the values of our society, and redefining the business landscape as we know it. The question is: What’s next?

The industry and world faces an onslaught of new challenges, increasing competition, and added levels of scrutiny with respect to data and privacy. Business models focused exclusively on product development and exploiting economies of scale are no longer viable in the current environment. Instead, businesses must transform products to drive deeper customer engagement by supplementing goods with high-value, relevant services that deliver a business outcome. This shift to “servitization” will help differentiate their offerings and protect the business from replication by competitors.

Capgemini helps technology organizations embrace this servitization model and imagine new ways of doing business in an endlessly changing world. We combine strategy and design capabilities with deep technical expertise and proven methodologies to enable clients to transform their business and connect with customers in relevant, meaningful ways. Our approach focuses on establishing core competencies that enable the enterprise to address industry challenges and achieve performance at scale – time and time again.

We help organizations:

  • Define a business strategy and operating model to enable the shift to “servitization”
  • Design and strategize a customer-engagement strategy for B2B and B2C scenarios that balances the need for personalization, privacy, and convenience
  • Scale product engineering and development capabilities by DevSecOps enablement
  • Develop data-management insights capabilities, monetization, and privacy compliance
  • Enhance cybersecurity capabilities
  • Build next-generation customer-success and service transformation by leveraging AI/ML and IoT
  • Drive business agility by helping organizations leverage the public cloud
  • Leverage Capgemini industry and domain capabilities to help build vertical solutions.


Monetizing the service organization through advanced data-as-a-service capabilities.

Customer-experience transformation
Understanding customers’ needs, behaviors, and motivations to drive value across process, service, product, and business design.

Digital operations and supply chain
Creating data-driven, insight-led operations and supply-chain capabilities to gain significant improvements in productivity, quality, flexibility, and service.

Customer service and management
Uniting service and experience to build loyalty and affinity with today’s connected customer.

Product management and development
Helping organizations optimize and harmonize the entire technology ecosystem.

Data privacy, monetization, and AI
Establishing data as an asset to enable insights-based decision making, support participation in the global economy, and fuel adoption of new business models.

Cloud dev/ops cybersecurity
Creating a culture of security that balances speed and resiliency across the enterprise.


Paul Hermelin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Capgemini Group, said: “This proposed combination enables Capgemini to take the lead in a very promising market segment—what we call ‘Intelligent Industry’ or the digital transformation of industrial and tech companies. The complementarity and power of our combined business and technological expertise are truly outstanding assets. By joining forces, we are positioning ourselves as a clear strategic partner to assist our clients in taking full advantage of the revolution created by the developments of the cloud, Edge computing, IoT, artificial intelligence and 5G. I am delighted to welcome to Capgemini the talents and leaders of Altran, who share our beliefs and corporate culture.”

Read more of the press release here.

Featured Testimonials

Darshan Naik, Executive Vice President and Tech Sector Go to Market Lead, Capgemini

“From innovative strategy to world-class execution, Capgemini is a trusted partner, empowering clients to harness the power of smart, accessible technology experiences built on maximum security and privacy protection.”

Jean-Claude Viollier, Executive Vice President and Head of Tech sector, Capgemini

“In this environment, the evolution of the customer, the product, and the business are inextricably intertwined, underscoring the need for a comprehensive and strategic approach to transformation.”

Meet Our Experts

Sidharth Kapila

Expert in Digital Customer Experience, Process digitization & Automation

Soumen Saha

As the high-tech client partner for Capgemini America, I have put 20 years of information technology experience to work leading Capgemini’s account team at Cisco & VMware driving consistent business momentum. I am accountable for profitable revenue growth, delivery and strong client relationships.


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